Turbosound TA-500DP Speaker User Manual

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TA-500 user manual
Page 42
This section is provided with the aim of assisting sound engineers, installers and consultants
to fully understand Turbosound Loudspeaker Management Systems, and to obtain the full
benefit of their capabilities.
The Turbosound LMS-D26 and LMS-D24 are recommended for use with Aspect loudspeaker
systems, offering varying features and facilities depending on the specific application.
As part of Turbosound's system of quality control, the product is carefully checked before
packing, to ensure flawless appearance. After unpacking the unit, please inspect for any
physical damage. If any damage has occurred, please notify your dealer immediately, so that
a written claim for damages can be initiated. You, the consignee, must instigate any claim.
Please retain all packaging in case of future re-shipment.
There will be a small packet of spare fuses with the unit. Please keep them in a safe place.
Mechanical Installation
A vertical rack space of 1U (44mm / 1.75") is required for each unit. If used in a mobile or
transportable system, the unit must be supported at the rear by additional bracing or
shelving, to prevent vibration-induced metal fatigue of the racking ‘ears’. Failure to do this
will impair reliability and invalidate the Warranty. The rack casing will need a depth of
425mm (minimum) to clear the connectors.
Adequate ventilation must be provided by allowing sufficient room around the sides and rear
of the unit to permit free circulation of air. Forced cooling is not required, a factor which aids
component longevity. The front of the unit should not be exposed to long term direct
sunlight as this can have a detrimental effect on the display lens.