Turbosound TA-500DP Speaker User Manual

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TA-500 user manual
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The following combinations are possible using the two-wide flybar.
Table 1: Flying Matrix
In addition to the above stated angles, a further 5° of downward tilt angle is supported.
The process of flying boxes is achieved by suspending the columns of loudspeakers using
chains attached to the top enclosure and the lifting points on the flybar. The flybars have a
fixed angle thus ensuring the optimum horizontal dispersion is maintained. Kelp is applied to
the columns to apply up to 5° of downward tilt as well as providing the means to achieve the
pre-set angles dictated by the inter cabinet links.
There are two flying chain assemblies – a standard length version and a longer version. The
standard length FC-500T Standard is for use with the narrow settings on the flybar and the
longer FC-500T Long is for use with the wide settings – typically three rows of enclosures.
FC-500T Flying Chains
The flying chains are available in two lengths. The shorter FC-500T Standard chain is the
standard part used for most applications, while the longer FC-500T Long version is used for
three deep configurations. The assemblies consist of a swivelling hook, chain links and a
cabinet attachment fitting. When flying systems always ensure that the flying chains are
straight and that there is no evident twist in the chain.
Chains are universal (not handed) and therefore can be used for either side of the cabinet.
Number of
Number of
enclosures per
Maximum total
column angle
Flybar pickup
Angle between rows
1 1 As required Single FC-500T Standard
2 1 21° Single FC-500T Standard
3 1 42° Single FC-500T Long
1 2 As required Narrow FC-500T Standard
2 2 7°, 14° Narrow FC-500T Standard
2 2 21° Wide FC-500T Standard
3 2 14°, 28° Wide FC-500T Long