Turbosound TA-500DP Speaker User Manual

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TA-500 user manual
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The Loudspeaker Management System (LMS) Concept
Turbosound Loudspeaker Management Systems are more than just electronic crossovers.
As well as steep slope active filters and high performance limiters, they provide full digital
alignment of all components in the Aspect enclosures, to ensure a coherent acoustic output.
They also incorporates a number of features which contribute to overall system reliability
and ease of setting-up and use.
All system parameters such as crossover frequencies, limiter settings and equalisation can
be simply called up from a factory-set menu, making it possible to maintain consistent and
repeatable system performance.
Because the power amplifiers can be included as part of the Aspect system, the controllers
are able to utilise output limiters which are precisely matched to the system requirements,
being pre-set to prevent the amplifiers from clipping. Inputs and outputs are fully balanced,
providing isolation between the controller and the amplifier inputs. These factors contribute
to high reliability in the adverse circumstances often encountered under arduous touring
In addition, LMS-D2X series controllers are equppied with built-in network capability,
allowing maximum control and flexibility over the loudspeaker system’s performance and
LMS-D2X Loudspeaker Management Systems
Use of Turbosound loudspeaker management systems ensures accurate time-alignment of
the system drive units and also provides a facility for users to select additional delay, either
to compensate for physical displacement of ground-stacked bass enclosures relative to flown
high packs, or to provide full range delay for correct image localisation or use in distributed
Network Capability
Turbosound LMS series loudspeaker management systems and Turbosound self-powered
loudspeaker systems are fully networkable, enabling control and monitoring of all networked
devices via the BvNet protocol using Turbosound’s TurboDrive™ software, available as a
free download from the Turbosound website www.turbosound.com
For a detailed explanation of TA-500 networking capability please consult the TurboDrive™
User Guide, available in pdf as a download from our ftp site ftp://ftp.turbosound.com.