Turbosound TA-500DP Speaker User Manual

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TA-500 user manual
Page 65
Voltage Setting
Your models will be set up at the factory for correct operation on your local voltage supply.
No further adjustment is necessary.
Voltage Range
The minimum supply voltage over which the amplifier will operate is 180V for the 220-240V
range, and 90V for the 110-120V range. Naturally, maximum power output will be reduced
accordingly from the published ratings.
The maximum supply voltage which exceeds safe limits and causes the amplifiers to switch-
off is in excess of 260 V for 220/240 V range, and 130 V for the 108/120 V range. This is
however dependent on load impedance and program drive level as mentioned above.
Obviously, the mains voltage will reach these limits only in exceptional circumstances and
the A/P (Audio Protect) LED will then flash.
Audio Connections & Controls
The amplifiers’ actively balanced, fully-floating input connections are fuss-free, regardless of
the installation's complexity.
The incoming 3-pin XLR plug should be connected, with a high grade twin-core sreened
cable, as follows.
Pin 1 Screen - connect to shield
Pin 2 hot (signal +)
Pin 3 cold (signal -)
The shield connection to pin 1 at each amplifier input must be maintained under all
circumstances, as TURBOSOUND will not be responsible for consequential damage arising
to loudspeakers, etc., should this connection not be made.
The amplifiers are designed to operate with fully balanced equipment. Ground loops or loss