Turbosound TA-500DP Speaker User Manual

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TA-500 user manual
Page 64
Mechanical Installation
When supplied as part of the AMP-890.2 system rack, the amplifiers are pre-installed. If an
amplifier is removed from the rack for any reason, it is important to re-install it correctly. The
amplifiers must be supported at the front and rear, as originally supplied. Failure to support
it adequately may eventually result in vibration-induced metal fatigue of the rack mounting
ears and such damage will not be covered by the warranty.
Adequate ventilation is essential, both at the rear of the rack, the sides, and also at the front.
This should be considered carefully when placing covers around the racks for protection
from inclement weather at outdoor events, or when using blacks to mask them from view. If
the venting is inadequate, the amplifier's temperature metering will display this.
CAUTION: Air emerging from the amplifier's high efficiency heat-exchangers can reach 60°C
to 70°C. To prevent personal injury or fire, please ensure that people and combustible or
flammable materials (e.g. plastic waterproofing, newspaper, clothing, costumes, solvents)
are kept at least 2'/0.6m from the amplifier's exhaust outlets. If venting is inadequate, the hot
air can adversely affect other equipment, and may soften some thermoplastic enclosures. If
using plastic coated cables, take care to dress the leads away from the airflow. Professional-
grade rubber cables are not affected.
Mains Power
The T series amplifiers will operate from any international 50 - 60Hz AC mains supply
between 110-120 V and 220-240 V. Separate models are supplied to match local mains supply
Powering Up
When the amplifier is switched on by depressing the black POWER rocker switch, the
protection circuit will initially activate whilst the circuits stabilise. Assuming no faults are
detected the POWER LED (and the signal LED if signal is present) will light up after a fewe
Safety Earthing
The Green/Yellow wire on the T-25 and T-45’s mains cord must always be connected to the
electrical installation's safety Earth (or Ground). It is essential for personal safety. The rack
framework is connected to the same grounding circuit.