Turbosound TA-500DP Speaker User Manual

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TA-500 user manual
Page 22
Aspect TA-500 Flying Systems
To take full advantage of the very precise dispersion properties of the Aspect system, two
types of rigging system have been developed: a fully-integrated touring flying system which
allows clusters to be rigged quickly and easily with an absolute minumum of additional
external hardware; an an external flying system designed for use in fixed installations.
The flying systems are inherently safe, flexible and simple to use. The rigging design allows
the creation of clusters and arrays that can be assembled quickly and with a minimum
number of crew, and with full control of the vertical angles between enclosures and their
vertical inclination.
Horizontal Coverage
Because the Polyhorn’s design dramatically reduces the acoustic energy outside of the
specified 50° horizontal dispersion pattern, it is recommended that Aspect TA-500 enclosures
always be arrayed in a smooth even curve, resulting in an array angle of 50° between boxes.
Based on this assumption it is an easy job to assess how many columns, and therefore which
particular combination of flybars, will be needed to achieve the required coverage.
Vertical Coverage
Vertical coverage is dictated by the physical dimensions of the room and the location of the
audience spaces. The number of boxes required in a vertical column is therefore determined
by a number of factors including the trim height of the cluster, the vertical coverage you are
trying to achieve, and the distance or projection required.