Turbosound TA-500DP Speaker User Manual

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TA-500 user manual
Page 33
Figure 9: Biscuit slides into lower cabinet
Attaching the Tilt Straps
When all cabinets have been linked and the top chains attached, the tilt straps can now be
First attach the longer strap to the flybar by sliding the flat buckle into the tilt strap
attachment point. Slide the flat buckle on the shorter strap into the tilt strap point on the
bottom of the cabinet, insert the free end of the strap through the centre of the ratchet
spindle, and pull to apply some tension before ratcheting the column.
The tilt strap is designed to ratchet in both directions, an improvement over previous
versions which did not allow incremental tilt reduction. However, at all times please note that
if the tension on the strap is released suddenly, the column of enclosures may tend to swing
violently forwards and care must be taken to avoid danger to persons in the vicinity. It is
essential to check that nobody is standing immediately in front of the column, and to give a
suitable warning, before the strap is released. Ideally, two persons should support the row
from the side whilst the strap is released, or alternatively the bottom row may be returned to
the ground before release. In any event it is essential that all personnel in the vicinity are
aware that the system is about to move and that they must keep clear.
SAFETY NOTE: Turbosound flying systems have been designed and
constructed to a high standard of safety and tested to the most demanding of
specifications with a high safety factor. However, anyone involved in flying
ANY sound system, especially in a touring capacity, should take note of the following advice:
The rigging of a flown sound system may be dangerous unless undertaken by qualified
personnel with the required experience to perform the necessary tasks. Fixing of hanging
points in a roof should always be carried out by a professional rigger and in accordance with
the local rules of the venue. The house rigger and/or building manager must always be