Turbosound TA-500DP Speaker User Manual

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TA-500 user manual
Page 68
Long Speaker Lines
Whenever loudspeakers are connected to power amplifiers by long cables (above 20'/6m),
there is invariably an increased risk of high frequency instability. It is aggravated by the
combination of RF pickup in unshielded cables acting as aerials, and multiple complex
reactances in the cable and loudspeakers.
High frequency instability can be avoided by adopting these common sense rules:
Ensure the input wires are shielded and that the shield is connected to the amplifier's input
XLR pin 1.
Do not run output cables next to input signal lines. Keep apart, and preferably cross at right
angles. If cables have to follow a similar route or path, keep them separated by at least 2 feet
The Cooling System
The cooling fans respond to temperature sensors within the unit to maintain a safe operating
temperature. In the event of excessive temperature, the protection circuit will operate,
disabling the output. The red ‘AUDIO-PROTECT’ (A/P) LED will indicate this condition. (See
fault indicator.)
There are 4 fans connected permanently with variable speed and a jumper link to enable
them from cold.
Normal dynamic signals will not cause the amplifier to overheat unless the ventilation is
inadequate. (See installation section and maintenance section.)