Turbosound TA-500DP Speaker User Manual

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TA-500 user manual
Page 18
Safety Notes on Rigging
The Turbosound Aspect rigging system has been designed and constructed to
a high standard of safety, and tested to the most demanding of specifications.
In order to ensure the highest safety standards, the information following on
the assembly and safe use of rigging accessories must be carefully understood and followed.
Only use Turbosound recommended rigging accessories, which are specifically designed for
their intended purpose. Do not use Turbosound rigging with other types or brands of
loudspeakers. This practice may compromise safety standards and Turbosound will not be
responsible for damage or injury so caused.
Do not modify the rigging accessories, or use them in a way other than that described in this
user manual. Rigging components supplied as part of a complete assembly are non-
interchangeable and must not be exchanged with the component parts of any other
The component parts of a Turbosound rigging accessory must only be assembled using the
fasteners and methods of assembly recommended in this manual. The use of fasteners and
methods of assembly not specified or approved by Turbosound may result in an unsafe
rigging assembly. Welding, or any other means of permanently fixing rigging components to
each other or to cabinet fixing points is not allowed.
Rigging assemblies must only be assembled using the appropriate parts and fixings as
specified in this manual using the specific mounting instructions. Rigging components or
assemblies must only be fixed to Turbosound loudspeaker cabinets using the cabinet fixing
points, assembly methods and fasteners specified in this manual and the specific mounting
Walls, floors or ceilings must be capable of safely and securely supporting the actual load.
The rigging accessory used must be safely and securely fixed both to the loudspeaker and to
the wall, floor or ceiling.
When mounting rigging components on walls, floors or ceilings ensure that all fixings and
fasteners used are of an appropriate size and load rating. Wall and ceiling claddings and the
construction and composition of walls and ceilings all need to be taken into account when
determining whether a particular fixing arrangement can be safely employed for a particular
load. Cavity plugs or other specialist fixings, if required, must be of an appropriate type,
fitted and used in accordance with the maker’s instructions.
Use only the rigging accessory fixing holes indicated in this manual and the specific
mounting instructions to fix Turbosound rigging accessories to walls, floors or ceilings.
Where specified, the recommended maximum torque settings for screw fasteners must be
strictly complied with.