Turbosound TA-500DP Speaker User Manual

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TA-500 user manual
Page 48
Navigation and Viewing Parameters
(Note: The LMS-D26 is shown in all the following screen shots; however the features and
parameters apply equally to the LMS-D24)
Many of the processing elements in each input and output path have features that may be
controlled by the user, such as gain, frequency or limiter threshold. We call these adjustable
features parameters.
A parameter may be adjusted when it is displayed by turning one of the three-parameter
knobs. Each of the three-parameter knobs is associated with a zone on the display. Adjusting
the leftmost parameter knob will change the value of the parameter showing in the leftmost
zone of the display and so on. Turn a knob clockwise to increase the value of a parameter, or
anti-clockwise to decrease it. The knobs are velocity-sensitive so turning a knob rapidly will
cause the action to ‘accelerate’, so the value changes more rapidly.
In A Freq Width Gain
EQ1 100Hz 1.4Q 0.0dB