Turbosound TA-500DP Speaker User Manual

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TA-500 user manual
Page 27
TS-890 Tilting Straps
The tilting strap, TS-890, is in two parts. The longer part is attached to the tilt strap point on
the flying bar using the buckle at its end. The other part of the strap with the ratchet is
hooked into the tilt strap point on the underside of the bottom enclosure. The free end is then
threaded through the ratchet and the strap tightened to achieve the desired tilt. The tilt strap
is designed to ratchet in both directions so that the amount of tilt on a column may easily be
increased or reduced incrementally. The ratchet is double acting serving to ensure the safety
of the operator by limiting the swing of the cluster when letting off the load.
Integral Flying Hardware
Aspect cabinets are flown and connected in vertical columns by means of the integral flygear
that is rebated into the cabinet sides. In this way the load of the cluster is taken entirely
through the steelwork and not through the box. It essentially consists of a moveable drop
link that engages into a receptacle in the cabinet below with a choice of inter-cabinet angles.
All parts of the flygear are fitted flush with the woodwork of the cabinet, and can quickly and
easily be removed for safety testing using a Torx TX20 bit.
The following diagram decribes the various parts of the flygear.