Turbosound TA-500DP Speaker User Manual

user manual
TA-500 user manual
Page 11
Power Amplifiers
In addition to the Turbosound T-25 and T-45 model amplifiers recommended for use with
Aspect systems, the following other power amplifier brands provide sufficient performance
and mechanical compatibility to perform well with Aspect loudspeaker systems:
MC2 E series
Lab Gruppen FP series
Crest Pro series
QSC Powerlight II series
Digital Controllers
In addition to the Turbosound LMS-D24 and LMS-D26 loudspeaker management systems,
the following digital crossovers have been tested and are recommended for use with Aspect
XTA 224. 226 and 428
Dolby Lake Contour and Dolby Lake controller
Self-powered Loudspeakers
Aspect TA-500 series cabinets are additionally available with integrated networkable Class D
amplifier modules, taking consistent performance and ease of use to a new level. Featuring
lightweight high-power amplifiers using 96kHz DSP and operating at better than 90%
efficiency, self-powered TA-500 products eliminate the need for separate amplifier racks and
controllers, as well as the attendant cabling. Powered loudspeakers can be controlled and
monitored over a network with a PC running the TurboDrive™ software.
Aspect Loudspeaker Components
All the drive units have been designed in-house specifically for the Aspect system and are
manufactured exclusively for Turbosound. This means that they are expressly suited to their
intended purpose, and make use of innovative features to ensure premium performance.