Turbosound TA-500DP Speaker User Manual

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TA-500 user manual
Page 23
Consists of fully-integrated rigging hardware used together with fixed angle flybars offering
the ability to fly single columns, and two-wide and three-wide clusters up to a maximum total
of nine enclosures.
The Aspect TA-500t touring flying hardware consists as follows:
Chain bridle – for lifting the flybar
Flybars – 2-wide and 3-wide variants for hanging up to 9 enclosures (3 wide by 3
Flying chain assembly – for connector a column of enclosures to the flybar.
Tilting strap – to provide the angle of tilt for the column
Inter-cabinet link chains – for connecting the rows of enclosures together
Integral flying hardware – fitted to the enclosure
Flybar Settings
In order to accommodate the wide range of vertical coverage requirements dictated by a
particular venue, the flybars offer two sets of lifting points, enclosure attachment points and
lifting strap points. With reference to the table below the correct point can be selected for the
required application.
The flybars also accomodate single column attachment points to enable users to suspend up
to three rows of loudspeakers in a single column format. No additional parts or flybars are
required to accommodate virtually all situations; it can all be achieved using only one type of
Touring two-wide flybar
A fixed angle double bar fabricated from box steel section and designed to fly two vertical
columns of cabinets up to three deep per column. It provides alternative cabinet suspension
tabs and tilt strap points for narrow or wide configurations (when flying more than two
boxes deep the wide configuration allows for the additional amount of kelp required), plus
lifting points and safety points. A two-wide, three deep cluster can be flown from a single
half-tonne motor using a CB-8003 chain bridle. Rugged lifting eyes are used preventing
damage to lifting points and ensuring ease of connection.