Turbosound TA-500DP Speaker User Manual

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TA-500 user manual
Page 14
rigging system and integrated Class D amplifier module.
TA-500H Horizontal Three-way Loudspeaker
The TA-500H is a horizontally-orientated version of
the TA-500 with the mid/high section rotated
through 90° in order to maintain a 50° horizontal
by 25° vertical dispersion pattern housed in a
rectangular enclosure.
TA-500HDP Self-powered Horizontal Three-way
A self-powered version of the TA-500H horizontal
enclure with integrated Class D amplifier module.
TA-500HM Two-way High/Mid Loudspeaker
A high/mid cabinet used for downfill and infill
applications. Consists of a custom 10” MF driver on a
Polyhorn™ device, and a custom HF driver on a
Polyhorn™ device in a trapezoidal enclosure.
TSW-218 Subwoofer
The horn-loaded TSW-218 is designed to
cover the sub and low frequency ranges from
25Hz to 160Hz, and can be used as part of a 5-
way Aspect system in order to reinforce sub-
bass frequencies. It utilises two custom
designed neodymium 18” drivers loaded with
TurboBass™ devices. The proprietary loading
technique and horn flare design produces
significant mutual coupling between adjacent
enclosures, resulting in sensitivity gains of up
to 110dB with eight units coupled.