Pioneer VSX-50 Stereo Receiver User Manual

Additional information
platform. It is designed to provide secure
delivery of audio and/or video content over an
IP network to a PC or other playback device in
such a way that the distributor can control how
that content is used. The WMDRM-protected
content can only be played back on a compo-
nent supporting the WMDRM service.
A device for relaying data flowing on a network
to another network. In homes, routers often
also function as DHCP servers. Products with
built-in wireless LAN access points are called
“wireless LAN routers”.
Abbreviation of Dynamic Host Configuration
Protocol. A protocol for automatically assign-
ing such setting information as IP addresses
within network connections. This offers conve-
nience in that, when enabled, it allows network
functions to be used simply by connecting the
devices to the network.
Wireless LAN/Wi-Fi
“Wi-Fi” (Wireless Fidelity) is a trademark
coined by the Wi-Fi Alliance trade associa-
tion to increase recognition of wireless LAN
standards. With the increase in the number
of devices connected to computers in recent
years, Wi-Fi offers the advantage of eliminat-
ing the complexity of making connections with
LAN cables by using wireless connection. As
a way of reassuring users, products that have
passed interoperability tests carry the logo
“Wi-Fi Certified” to indicate that compatibility is
Abbreviation of Wi-Fi Protected Setup. A stan-
dard established by the Wi-Fi Alliance industry
group for a function allowing settings related
to interconnection of WPS-compatible wireless
LAN devices and encryption to be made with
simple operations. There are a number of meth-
ods, including push-button configuration and
PIN code configuration. This AV receiver sup-
ports both push-button configuration and PIN
code configuration.
Abbreviation of Service Set IDentifier. A wire-
less LAN access point identifier. Can be set as
desired using up to 32 characters of English
letters and numbers.
Bluetooth function
Bluetooth wireless technology
A short-range wireless communications
standard for digital devices. Information is
exchanged between devices several meters to
several tens of meters apart using radio waves.
It uses radio waves on the 2.4 GHz band which
does not require applications for licenses or
usage registration for applications conducting
wireless exchange of digital information at rela-
tively low speeds, such as computer mouses
and keyboards, mobile phones, smartphones,
text and audio information for PDAs, etc.
“Pairing” must be done before you start play-
back of Bluetooth wireless technology content
using the Bluetooth ADAPTER. Make sure to
perform pairing the first time you operate the
system or any time pairing data is cleared.
The pairing step is necessary to register the
Bluetooth wireless technology device to enable
Bluetooth communications. For more details,
see also the operating instructions of your
Bluetooth wireless technology device.
! Pairing is required when you first use the
Bluetooth wireless technology device and
Bluetooth ADAPTER.
! To enable Bluetooth communication, pairing
should be done with both your system and
Bluetooth wireless technology device.
Receiver function
Operation Mode
This receiver is equipped with a great number
of functions and settings. The Operation Mode
feature is provided for users who find it difficult
to master all these functions and settings.