Pioneer VSX-50 Stereo Receiver User Manual

12 The System Setup and Other Setup menus
4 Follow the instructions on the screen
to change the remote control’s setting.
See Operating multiple receivers on page 53 .
5 When you’re finished, press RETURN.
You will return to the Other Setup menu.
Flicker Reduction Setup
! Default setting: OFF
The GUI screen’s resolution can be increased.
If you feel the GUI screen is hard to see, try
changing this setting. Note that the resolution
in this setting only affects the GUI screen; it has
no influence on the video output.
1 Select ‘Flicker Reduction Setup’ from
the Other Setup menu.
2 Select the Flicker Reduction setting you
3 When you’re finished, press RETURN.
You will return to the Other Setup menu.
Software Update
Use this procedure to update the receiver’s
software and check the version. There are two
ways to update: via the Internet and via a USB
memory device.
Updating via the Internet is performed by
accessing the file server from the receiver and
downloading the file. This procedure is only pos-
sible if the receiver is connected to the Internet.
Updating via a USB memory device is per-
formed by downloading the update file from a
computer, reading this file onto a USB memory
device then inserting this USB memory device
into the USB port on the receiver’s front panel.
With this procedure, the USB memory device
containing the update file must first be inserted
into the USB port on the receiver’s front panel.
! If an update file is provided on the Pioneer
website, download it onto your computer.
When downloading an update file from the
Pioneer website onto your computer, the file
will be in ZIP format. Unzip the ZIP file before
saving it on the USB memory device. If there
are any old downloaded files or downloaded
files for other models on the USB memory
device, delete them.
! DO NOT unplug the power cord during
! When updating via the Internet, do not
disconnect the LAN cable. When updating via
a USB memory device, do not disconnect the
USB memory device.
1 Select ‘Software Update’ from the
Other Setup menu.
2 Select the update procedure.
! Update via Internet – The receiver checks
whether updatable software is available via
the Internet.
! Update via USB Memory – The receiver
checks whether the USB memory device
inserted into the USB port on the receiver’s
front panel contains updatable software.
Accessing” is displayed and the update file
is checked. Wait a while.
3 Check on the screen whether or not an
update file was found.
If “New version found.” is displayed, the
update file has been found. The version number
and updating time are displayed.
If “This is the latest version. There is no need
to update.” is displayed, no update file has
been found.
4 To update, select OK.
The updating screen appears and updating is
! The power turns off automatically once
updating is completed.
Software Update messages
No update file was found on the
USB memory device. Store the file
in the USB memory device’s root
Try disconnecting then reconnect-
ing the USB device or storing the
update file again. If the error still
occurs, try using a different USB
memory device.
Turn the receiver’s power off, then
turn it back on and try updating the
software again.
Update via
If this message flashes, updating
has failed. Update via a USB mem-
ory device. Put the update file on a
USB memory device and connect
the device to the USB port. When
the file is found, software updating
starts automatically.
Updating has failed. Use the same
procedure to update the software