Pioneer VSX-50 Stereo Receiver User Manual

Basic playback
% Press SIRIUS to switch to the SIRIUS
For best reception, you may need to move the
tuner antenna near a window
(refer to the manual for the SiriusConnect
Home tuner for antenna placement
! If after pressing SIRIUS the display shows
Antenna Error, try disconnecting the antenna
and reconnecting. If the display shows
Check Sirius Tuner, check the connection
of the AC adapter and this receiver to the
! You can check the strength of reception in
Using the SIRIUS Menu on page 33 .
! In order to activate your radio subscription,
you will need the SIRIUS ID (SID) which
uniquely identifies your tuner. The SID may be
found on a sticker located on the packaging,
or on the bottom of the tuner itself. The label
will have a printed 12-digit SID number. When
you have located the SID, write it down in the
space provided near the end of this manual.
Contact SIRIUS on the internet at:
! Follow the prompts to activate your
subscription, or you can also call SIRIUS toll-
free at 1-888-539-SIRIUS (1-888-539-7474).
! Select 0 (SIRIUS ID) from the GUI screen to
check the Radio ID of the SIRIUS Connect
tuner (see Selecting channels and browsing by
genre on page 33 ).
Listening to SIRIUS Radio
After connecting, you will be able to use this
receiver to select channels and navigate cat-
egories using the GUI screen.
! It’s easiest if you have your TV switched on to
take advantage of the GUI screens. You can,
however, use just the front panel display to do
everything if you prefer.
Selecting channels and browsing by
From the SIRIUS Channel Guide, you can
browse SIRIUS Radio channels in the order that
they appear, or you can narrow your channel
search by genre.
% Press i/j to enter the SIRIUS
Channel Guide, then navigate through
the channels one at time with i/j, then
press ENTER to listen to the SIRIUS radio
! To browse by genre, first press CATEGORY,
use i/j to select a genre, then press ENTER.
! To cancel and exit any time, press RETURN.
! You can select channels directly by pressing
D.ACCESS, then the three-digit channel
! You can press DISP to change SIRIUS Radio
information in the front panel display.
! The currently selected channel is
automatically chosen (without pressing
ENTER) after 10 seconds.
Saving channel presets
This receiver can memorize up to 63 channels,
stored in seven banks, or classes (A to G) of 9
channels each.
1 Select the channel you want to
See Selecting channels and browsing by genre
on page 33 .
The display shows a blinking memory class.
3 Press CLASS to select one of the seven
classes, then press k/l to select the
channel preset you want.
You can also use the number buttons to select a
station preset.
4 Press ENTER.
After pressing ENTER, the preset class and
number stop blinking and the receiver stores
the SIRIUS channel.
! You can also press MEMORY during
reception display to save the information of up
to five songs. See Using the SIRIUS Menu on
page 33 to recall this information.
! You can reset the Channel presets, Memory,
Channel Skip/Add, Parental Lock and
Password settings in Resetting the system on
page 51 .
Listening to channel presets
1 Press CLASS to select the class in which
the channel is stored.
Press repeatedly to cycle through classes A to
2 Press k/l to select the channel preset
you want.
You can also use the number buttons on the
remote control to recall the channel preset.
Using the SIRIUS Menu
The SIRIUS Menu provides additional SIRIUS
Radio features.
1 Press TOP MENU.
2 Use i/j to select a menu item, then
press ENTER.
Choose from the following menu items:
! Channel Skip/Add – Use i/j and ENTER
to select channels you would like to remove/
restore from/to the channel guide.
! Parental Lock – Use i/j and ENTER to
select channels you would like to place under
parental lock. Channels put under parental
lock are not displayed in the Channel Guide,
but may be accessed by directly inputting
their channel number and providing the
parental lock password.
! Antenna Aiming – Check the strength of
satellite and terrestrial reception.
! Memory Recall – Use i/j to browse your
saved song information.
! Password Set – Set the parental lock
3 When you’re finished press TOP MENU
to return to the reception display.