Pioneer AVH-X4500BT Stereo Receiver User Manual

Compatible format:AAC encodedby iTunes
File extension:.m4a
Sampling frequency: 11.025kHz to 48kHz
Bit rate:16kbps to320kbps
Apple Lossless:Not compatible
AAC filebought fromthe iTunes Store(.m4p file
extension): Notcompatible
DivX compatibility
Compatible format:DivX videoformat imple-
mented inrelation toDivX standards
File extensions:.avi or.divx
DivX Ultraformat: Notcompatible
DivX HDformat: Notcompatible
DivX fileswithout video data:Not compatible
DivX plus:Not compatible
Compatible audiocodec: MP2,MP3, Dolby Digital
LPCM: Compatible
Bit rate:8kbps to320kbps (CBR),VBR
Sampling frequency: 8kHzto 48kHz
Compatible externalsubtitle fileextension: .srt
MPEG-1/MPEG-2/MPEG-4 video
File extensions:.mpg or.mpeg (MPEG-1/MPEG-2),
.avi (MPEG-4)
Compatible audiocodec: MP2(MPEG-1/MPEG-2),
MP2, MP3,Dolby Digital(MPEG-4)
LPCM: Notcompatible
Bit rate:8kbps to320kbps (CBR),VBR
Sampling frequency: 8kHzto 48kHz
Supplemental information
Some charactersin afile name (includingthe file
extension) ora foldername may notbe displayed.
This unitmay notwork properly dependingon the
application usedto encodeWMA files.
There maybe a slightdelay atthe startof playback
of audiofiles embeddedwith image dataor audio
files storedon a USBstorage devicethat has nu-
merous folderhierarchies.
Disc (CD/DVD)
Playable folders:up to99 for CD-R/RW
Playable folders:up to700 for DVD-R/RW
Playable files:up to999 for CD-R/RW
Playable files:up to3500 for DVD-R/RW
File system:ISO 9660Level 1 and2, Romeo, Joliet,
UDF 1.02(DVD-R/RW)
Multi-session playback:Compatible
Packet write datatransfer: Notcompatible
Regardless ofthe lengthof blank sectionsbe-
tween thesongs fromthe original recording,com-
pressed audiodiscs playwith a shortpause
between songs.
External storage device (USB)
Playable folders:up to1500 (up to700 forDivX/
Playable files:up to15000
Playback ofcopyright-protected files:Not compati-
Partitioned external storagedevice (USB):Only the
first playablepartition canbe played.
There isno compatibilityfor Multi MediaCards
! Pioneer acceptsno responsibility for data
lost on theUSB memory/USB portable audio
player even if thatdata is lost while using
this unit.
! Pioneer cannotguarantee compatibility with
all USB massstorage devices and assumes
no responsibility forany loss of data on
media players, smartphones, or other devi-
ces while usingthis product.
! Do not leave thediscs/external storage de-
vice (USB) or iPod inplaces with high tem-
iPod compatibility
This unit supportsonly the following iPod mod-
els. Supported iPod software versions areshown
below. Older versions may not besupported.
Made for
! iPodtouch 4th generation (software version
! iPodtouch 3rd generation (software version
! iPodtouch 2nd generation (software version
! iPodtouch 1st generation (software version
! iPodclassic 160GB (software version 2.0.4)
! iPodclassic 120GB (software version 2.0.1)
! iPodclassic (software version 1.1.2)
! iPodwith video (software version 1.3)
! iPodnano 6th generation (software version
! iPodnano 5th generation (software version
! iPodnano 4th generation (software version
! iPodnano 3rd generation (software version
! iPodnano 2nd generation (software version
! iPodnano 1st generation (software version
! iPhone 4S (software version5.1.1)
! iPhone 4 (software version5.1.1)
! iPhone 3GS (software version5.1.1)
! iPhone 3G (software version4.2.1)
! iPhone (software version 3.1.3)
Depending onthe generationor version of the
iPod, somefunctions may notbe available.
Operations mayvary dependingon thesoftware
version ofiPod.
When usingan iPod, aniPodDock Connector to
USB Cableis required.
When youuse Pioneer CD-IU51V/CD-IU201V inter-
face cable,consult your dealerfor details.
About thefile/format compatibility, referto the
Audiobook, Podcast: Compatible
Pioneer acceptsno responsibility for datalost
on the iPod, evenif that data is lostwhile this
unit is used.
About iTunes tagging
This function can beperformed with the following
iPod models.
iPod touch 4th generation
iPod touch 3rd generation
iPod touch 2nd generation
Additional information
Additional information