Pioneer AVH-X4500BT Stereo Receiver User Manual

Area 3
Shows whenradio signalis re-
Shows whenanalog audioof HD
Radio signalis received.
Shows whendigital audioof HD
Radio signalis received.
Shows whenHD Radiostation in-
formation isreceived.
Touch toturn BSMon.
Indicates thatAuto EQ ison.
Shows whenthis unithas the
song information(tag).
Indicates thatthe unitis currently
processing anoperation suchas
Shows whencreating thedata-
base inMusic browsemode.
Shows whensaving the database
in Musicbrowse mode.
Indicates thesignal strengthof
the cellularphone.
Indicates thata Bluetoothtele-
phone isconnected.
Handling guidelines
Discs and player
Use discsfeaturing any ofthe followinglogos.
Use 12-cmdiscs. Donot use 8-cmdiscs oran
adapter for 8-cmdiscs.
Use onlyconventional, fully circulardiscs. Donot
use shapeddiscs.
Do notinsert anythingother than aDVD-R/RW or
CD-R/RW intothe disc loadingslot.
Do notuse cracked,chipped, warped, orother-
wise damageddiscs as theymay damagethe play-
Unfinalized CD-R/RWdiscs cannot beplayed
Do nottouch therecorded surface of thediscs.
Store discsin their caseswhen notin use.
Do notattach labels,write on orapply chemicals
to thesurface ofthe discs.
To cleana disc,wipe the discwith asoft cloth out-
ward fromthe center.
Condensation maytemporarily impairthe player s
performance. Let itrest forabout one hourto ad-
just toa warmer temperature.Also, wipeany
damp discsoff with asoft cloth.
Playback ofdiscs maynot be possiblebecause of
disc characteristics,disc format,recorded applica-
tion, playbackenvironment, storageconditions,
and soon.
Road shocksmay interruptdisc playback.
Certain functionsmay notbe available forsome
DVD videodiscs.
It maynot bepossible to playback someDVD
video discs.
It isnot possibleto play backDVD-RAM discs.
This unitis not compatiblewith discsrecorded in
AVCHD(Advanced Video CodecHigh Definition)
format. Donot insertAVCHD discsas you maynot
be ableto ejectthe disc.
When usingdiscs that canbe printedon labelsur-
faces, checkthe instructionsand the warningsof
the discs.Depending onthe discs, insertingand
ejecting maynot bepossible. Using suchdiscs
may resultin damageto this equipment.
Do notattach commercially availablelabels or
other materialsto thediscs.
! Thediscs may warpmaking thedisc unplay-
! Thelabels may comeoff duringplayback and
prevent ejectionof the discs,which mayresult
in damageto theequipment.
External storage device (USB)
Depending onthe externalstorage device (USB),
the followingproblems mayoccur.
! Operationsmay vary.
! Thestorage device maynot berecognized.
! Filesmay notbe played backproperly.
USB storage device
Connections viaUSB hubare not supported.
Do notconnect anythingother than aUSB stor-
age device.
Firmly securethe USBstorage device whendriv-
ing. Donot let theUSB storagedevice fallonto the
floor, whereit maybecome jammed underthe
brake oraccelerator pedal.
Depending onthe USB storagedevice, thedevice
may causenoise to occurin theradio.
Copyright protectedfiles thatare stored inthe
USB devicescannot be playedback.
You cannot connecta USBportable audioplayer/
USB memory tothis unitvia USB hub.
Partitioned USB memoryis not compatiblewith
this unit.
Depending onthe kind ofUSB portableaudio
player/USB memory youuse, thedevice may not
be recognizedor audio filesmay notbe played
back properly.
Do notleave theUSB portable audioplayer/USB
memory in directsunlight forextended amounts
of time.Doing so maycause thedevice to mal-
function fromthe extremerise in temperature.
To ensureproper operation,connect the dockcon-
nector cablefrom theiPod directlyto thisunit.
Firmly securethe iPod whendriving. Do notlet the
iPodfall ontothe floor, whereit maybecome
jammed underthe brakeor accelerator pedal.
Additional information
Additional information