Pioneer AVH-X4500BT Stereo Receiver User Manual

8 DB key
Creating a databasethat enables searches
by artist name,genre, and other options.
Refer to Musicbrowse mode on this page.
9 Previous folder key/Nextfolder key
Selecting a folder.
a Pause and playkey
Pausing and starting playback.
Basic operations
Playing backtracks
1 Connect the USBdevice.
Playback willautomatically start.
When thesource iconis not displayed,it can
be displayedby touchingthe screen.
Fast forwarding orreversing using thebuttons
1 Press andhold c ord (TRK).
Music browse mode
(Function for USB)
This unit createsan index in order to facilitate
browsing for a song.Youcan search by the cate-
gories such asAlbums and Artists.
! Thisfunction is notavailable when the USB
storage device islocked.
! Thisfunction is notavailable when the free
space of USB storagedevice is less than
! Whilethis unit createsan index, do not turn
the unit off. It maycause loss of data onyour
USB storage device.
! Ifyou switch to videoor JPEG image display
while a databaseis being created, or when a
database could notbe created, a message
appears and databasecreation stops.
1 Touch DB tocreate a database inMusic
browse mode.
Refer to Soundplayback operations on the pre-
vious page.
2 When Save the Databaseto memory?
is displayed, touchYes.
Saving of the databaseis completed. If you do
not save it,touch No.
When the savingis completed, Database save
to memory wascompleted. appears.
Music browse modewill start.
3 Display a list andtouch the tag key.
4 Select a file.
Still image playback operations
You can use thisunit to view still imagessaved
on a USBstorage device.
Touch panel keys
1 Fast forward key/Reversekey
Selecting a picture.
2 Search key
Displaying the filename list to select the
3 Capture key
Capturing an imagein JPEG files.
4 Media key
Switching between mediafile types when
there is morethan one media file typesaved
to the USB device.This key does not appear
if there is onlyone media file type savedto
the USB device.
5 Random key
Playing files in arandom order.
6 Repeat key
Selecting the repeatrange.
7 Previous folder key/Nextfolder key
Selecting a folder.
8 Rotate key
Rotating the displayedpicture 90° clockwise.
9 Screen mode key
Changing the screenmode.
Refer to Changingthe wide-screen mode on
page 10.
a Pause and playkey
Starting or pausingthe slideshow.
Basic operations
Playing stillimages
1 Connect the USBdevice.
Playback willautomatically start.
! Whenthe source iconis notdisplayed, itcan
be displayedby touchingthe screen.
Selecting afile usingthe buttons
1 Press cor d (TRK).
Fast file searching
1 Press andhold c ord (TRK).
! You cansearch 10JPEG filesat a time.
If thereare fewer than10 files,the search will
cover thefirst or lastfile.
! Filesare played backin file number order
and folders areskipped if they contain no
files. (If folder1 (ROOT) contains no files,
playback commences withfolder 2.)
! Touch panel keysnot listed under Still image
playback operations mayappear on the dis-
Refer to Indicatorlist on page 57.
Switching the media file type
% Touch Media to switch betweenmedia
file types.
Random play (shuffle)
% Touch the random key.
! On Playback files inrandom order within
the repeatrange, Folderand Media.
! Off Cancelrandom play.
Repeating playback
% Touch the repeat key.
! Folder Repeatthe current folder