Pioneer AVH-X4500BT Stereo Receiver User Manual

Adjusting the response
positions of the touch panels
(Touch Panel Calibration)
If you feel thatthe touch panel keys onthe
screen deviate fromthe actual positions that re-
spond to yourtouch, adjust the response posi-
tions of the touchpanel. There are two
adjustment methods: 4-pointadjustment, in
which you touchfour corners of the screen; and
16-point adjustment, inwhich you make fine-ad-
justments on theentire screen.
! Park your car in asafe place and use this
function. Do notoperate it while driving.
! Touch the screengently for adjustment.
Forcefully pressingthe touch panel may
damage the touchpanel. Do not use asharp
pointed tool suchas a ballpoint pen or me-
chanical pen. Doingso may damage the
! Ifthe touch panel cannotbe adjusted prop-
erly,consult your local Pioneer dealer.
1 Turn the source off.
Refer to Turning the source ON/OFFon page 8.
2 Press and hold thehome button to start
Touch PanelCalibration.
The 4-point touchpanel adjustment screen ap-
pears. When 2-pointappears at once, touch
3 Touch each ofthe arrows on thefour cor-
ners of thescreen.
# Tocancel theadjustment, press andhold the
home button.
4 Press the home buttonto complete 4-
point adjustment.
Data for the adjustedposition is saved.
# Donot turn offthe enginewhile the datais being
5 Press the home buttonto proceed to 16-
point adjustment.
The 16-point touchpanel adjustment screen ap-
# Tocancel theadjustment, press andhold the
home button.
6 Gently touch thecenter of the+ mark dis-
played on thescreen.
After you touch all the marks,the data for the
adjusted position issaved.
# Donot turn offthe enginewhile the datais being
7 Press and hold thehome button to com-
plete the adjustment.
Using an AUX source
An auxiliary device or portabledevice sold sepa-
rately can beconnected to this unit.
About AUX connection methods
You can connect auxiliary devicesto this unit.
Mini pin plug cable (AUX)
When connecting anauxiliary device using a mini
plug cable
iPodsand portable audio/video players canbe
connected to this unitvia mini plug cable.
! Ifan iPod with video capabilitiesis con-
nected to this unitvia 3.5mm plug (4pole)
cable (such asthe CD-V150M), you canenjoy
the video contents ofthe connected iPod.
! Aportable audio/video playercan be con-
nected by usinga 3.5mm plug (4pole) with
an RCA cable(sold separately). However, de-
pending on thecable, a reverse connection
between the red(right side audio) cable and
yellow (video) cablemay be required in order
for the sound andvideo image to berepro-
duced correctly.
% Insertthe stereo mini pluginto the AUX
input jack onthis unit.
Refer to Connectionon page 46.
Resetting the microprocessor
By pressing RESET, you canreset the microproc-
essor to its initialsettings without changing the
bookmark information.
The microprocessor mustbe reset in the follow-
ing situations:
! Beforeusing this unitfor the first time after
! Ifthe unit fails tooperate properly
! Whenstrange or incorrectmessages appear
on the display
1 Turn the ignition switchOFF.
2 Press RESET with apen tip or other
pointed instrument.
Refer to Whats what on page 7.
Switch your engineON or set the ignitionswitch
to ACC ONbefore pressing RESET in thefollow-
ing situations:
! Aftercompleting connections
! Whenerasing all storedsettings
! Whenresetting the unitto itsinitial (factory) set-
Other functions
Other functions