Pioneer AVH-X4500BT Stereo Receiver User Manual

Using the Favorite menu
1 Display menu columns toregister.
Refer to Menuoperations on page 33.
# You cancustomize menusexcept VideoSetup
2 Touch the staricon in the menu column
for the desired menu to register the menu.
The star icon forthe selected menu isfilled in.
# Tocancel theregistration, touch thestar iconin
the menucolumn again.
3 Display the favorite menuand choose a
registered menu.
Refer to Menuoperations on page 33.
You can register upto 12 columns.
Bluetooth connection menu
(Function of AVH-X5500BHS/AVH-X4500BT/AVH-
If you are usinga cellular phone that canbe
connected via Bluetoothwireless technology, we
recommend that youuse your phone to search
for this unitand establish a connection between
it and your phone.The PIN code isset to 0000
as default. Theproduct name for this unitwill
display on your phoneas the device name.For
details, refer toEntering PIN code for Bluetooth
wireless connection on thenext page. For further
details concerning theprocedures for establish-
ing Bluetooth wirelessconnections, refer to the
instruction manual for thephone.
Pairing from this unit
1 Press the home buttonto switch to the
home display.
2 Touch the Bluetoothkey to open the
Bluetooth connection menu.
3 Touch Connectionto select a device.
4 Start to search.
Starting tosearch.
While searching, is displayed and whenavail-
able devices arefound, the device names or
Bluetooth device addresses(if names cannot be
obtained) are displayed.
# Ifyou want toswitch betweenthe device names
and Bluetoothdevice addresses,touch the icon.
Switching betweenthe device
names andBluetooth devicead-
# Tocancel searching,touch Stop.
# Ifthree devices arealready paired,Memory Full
is displayedand pairingcannot be performed. In
such cases,delete apaired device first.Refer tothis
# Ifno device canbe found,Not Found isdis-
played. Insuch cases,check the statusof the
Bluetooth deviceand searchagain.
5 Touch a devicename to select the device
you want toconnect to.
While connecting, Pairingis displayed. If the
connection is established,Paired is displayed.
# Ifyour device supportSSP (SecureSimple Pair-
ing), 6-digitnumber appearson the displayof this
unit. Oncethe connectionis established, thisnum-
ber disappears.
# Ifthe connection fails,Error isdisplayed. In such
cases, try againfrom thebeginning.
# ThePIN codeis set to0000 as thedefault, but
can bechanged. Referto Entering PINcode for
Bluetooth wirelessconnection on thenext page.
# Oncethe connection isestablished, thedevice
name isdisplayed.
Touch thedevice nameto disconnect.
# Ifyou want todelete apaired Bluetooth tele-
phone, displayDelete OK?. TouchYes to deletethe
Deleting apaired device.
# Neverturn theunit off whilethe paired Bluetooth
telephone isbeing deleted.
Favorite menu
Bluetooth connection menu