Pioneer AVH-X4500BT Stereo Receiver User Manual

! Flanger2 A rushingsound that mimics
that rising and fallingsounds of a jet engine.
! Reverb A fixedsound effect that creates a
reverberation effect.
! Echo2 A fixedsound effect that creates an
echoing effect.
Sound effects
! CrossFade Asound effect that creates a
fade in andfade out effect between songs.
! Flanger1 A rushingsound that mimics
that rising and fallingsounds of a jet engine.
! Echo1 A soundeffect that creates an echo-
ing effect.
! Loop A soundeffect that repeats playback
of one section ofa song track.
Setting sounds and sound effects
as presets using the preset key
The Standard andSimple sound effects are set
already as defaultpresets.
% Touch Standard or Simpleto check the
The registered presetsound effect for the key
that was touchedis set as a preset.
Registering sounds and sound
effects as presets
Registers a desiredcombination of sounds and
sound effects toCustom.
Touch Customto easily set the desiredsound or
sound effect.
1 Touch Custom.
2 Add a check markto the desired sound
effect by touchingthe option.
The marked soundeffect is registered as apre-
set in Custom.
! Ifa sound effect istouched in the selection
screen for Standardor Simple, theCustom
screen is automaticallydisplayed and the
sound effect isregistered to Custom.
! You can listen to fixedsounds to hear exam-
ples by touchingthe speaker icon.
Pandora operations
To playPandora on thePioneer car audio/video
products, connect aniPod, iPhone, Androidä
device or BlackBerry device withthe most re-
cent Pandora application installed,and start the
Pandora application.
Requirements to accessPandora usingthe
Pioneer caraudio/video products:
Connect an iPod to USBinput or an Android de-
vice or a BlackBerry deviceusing Bluetooth to
play Pandora on this unit.
! iPod andiPhone compatibility
Apple iPhone(first generation),iPhone 3G,
iPhone 3GS,iPhone 4,iPhone 4S, iPod touch1G,
iPod touch 2G,iPodtouch 3G oriPod touch4G
(firmware version3.0 or later)
Certain firmwareversions forthe iPhone maynot
be compatiblewith thePandora application.If
this appearsto bethe case, pleaseupdate the
firmware toa versionthat is compatiblewith
! Androidcompatibility
Android OSVersion 2.2or later
! BlackBerry compatibility
BlackBerry OS Version 4.3or later
! Latestversion of thePandoraapplication, down-
loaded toyour device(Search Apple iTunesApp
Store orAndroid marketfor Pandora).
! CurrentPandoraaccount (Free account andpaid
accounts availablefrom Pandora; createa free
account onlineat orthrough the
Pandora application forthe iPhone).
! DataPlan
Note: Ifthe Data Planfor your iPhoneor
Android devicedoes notprovide for unlimited
data usage,additional charges fromyour carrier
may applyfor accessing thePandora service via
3G and/orEDGE networks.
! Connectionto theInternet via 3G,EDGE or Wi-Fi
! OptionalPioneer adaptercable connectingyour
iPhone tothe Pioneer car audio/videoproducts.
! Accessto thePandora service willdepend onthe
availability ofa cellularand/or Wi-Finetwork for
purposes ofallowing yourdevice to connectto
the Internet.
! Abilityof the Pioneer caraudio/video productsto
access thePandoraservice issubject to change
without noticeand couldbe affected byany of
the following:compatibility issueswith future
firmware versionsof iPhonesor Android devices;
compatibility issueswith futurefirmware ver-
sions ofthe Pandora applicationfor them;
changes tothe Pandora musicservice by
Pandora; discontinuationof the Pandora music
service by Pandora.
! Certainfunctions of thePandoraservice arenot
available whenaccessing theservice throughthe
Pioneercar audio/video products,including, but
not limitedto, creatingnew stations, deletingsta-
tions, emailingcurrent stations,buying tracks
from iTunes, viewingadditional text information,
logging into Pandora,and adjusting CellNet-
work AudioQuality.
Pandora internet radio is amusic service not af-
filiated with Pioneer. More informationis avail-
able at
Setting the Pandora connect mode
Set the Pandora connectionmode appropriately
to notify the systemwhether you are streaming
Pandora over an iPod via USB orover an
Android device or aBlackBerry device via
! TheiPod must have iOS 3.0or later installed
in order touse Pandora.
! TheAndroid device musthave Android OS
Version2.2 or later installed touse Pandora.
Using Pandora
internet radio