Pioneer AVH-X4500BT Stereo Receiver User Manual

DVD video disc region numbers
Only DVD videodiscs with compatible region
numbers can be playedon this player.You can
find the region numberof the player on thebot-
tom of this unitand in this manual (referto
Specifications on page65).
About this manual
! Thisunit features a numberof sophisticated
functions to ensuresuperior reception and
operation. All thefunctions have been de-
signed for theeasiest possible use, but many
are not self-explanatory. This operation man-
ual will helpyou benefit fully from thisunit s
potential and tomaximize your listening en-
! Thismanual uses diagramsof actual screens
to describe operations.However, the screens
on some unitsmay not match those shown
in this manual dependingon the model
! Inthe following instructions,USB memory
sticks and USB audioplayers are collectively
referred to asUSB storage device.
! Inthis manual, iPod and iPhonewill be re-
ferred to asiPod.
After-sales service for
Pioneer products
Please contact thedealer or distributor from
where you purchasedthis unit for after-sales
service (including warranty conditions) orany
other information. Incase the necessary infor-
mation is notavailable, please contact the com-
panies listed below:
Please do not shipyour unit to thecompanies at
the addresses listedbelow for repair without ad-
vance contact.
Pioneer Electronics(USA) Inc.
P.O. Box 1760
Long Beach, CA90801-1760
Pioneer Electronicsof Canada, Inc.
340 Ferrier Street
Unit 2
Markham, Ontario L3R 2Z5,Canada
For warranty informationplease see the Limited
Warranty sheet included with thisunit.
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Visit us atthe following site:
in Canada
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Use and care of the remote
Installing the battery
Slide the trayon the back of the remotecontrol
out and insert thebattery with theplus (+) and
minus () polesaligned properly.
! Whenusing for thefirst time, pull out the
film protruding from thetray.
! Keepthe battery out of thereach of children.
Should the battery be swallowed,consult a
doctor immediately.
! Batteries(battery pack or batteriesinstalled)
must not beexposed to excessive heat such
as sunshine, fireor the like.
! Useone CR2025 (3V)lithium battery.
! Remove the battery if theremote control is
not used fora month or longer.
! Thereis a dangerof explosion if the battery is
incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the
same or equivalenttype.
! Donot handle thebattery with metallic tools.
! Donot store thebattery with metallic ob-
! Ifthe battery leaks, wipe theremote control
completely clean andinstall a new battery.
! Whendisposing of usedbatteries, comply
with governmental regulationsor environ-
mental public institutions rules that apply in
your country/area.
! PerchlorateMaterial special handling may
perchlorate. (Applicable toCalifornia,
Using the remote control
Point the remote control inthe direction of the
front panel to operate.
! Theremote control maynot function properly
in direct sunlight.
! Donot store theremote control in high tem-
peratures or directsunlight.
! Donot let theremote control fall onto the
floor, whereit may become jammed under
the brake oraccelerator pedal.
Demo mode
The feature demoautomatically starts when you
select Off forthe source and continues while
the ignition switchis set to ACC orON. To can-
cel the feature demo, press and holdMUTE.
Press andhold MUTE again to restart.Operat-
ing the feature demowhile the car engineis
turned off it maydrain the battery power.
The red lead(ACC) of this unit should becon-
nected to the ignitionon/off function. Failure to
do so mayresult in battery drain.
Before you start
Before you start