Pioneer AVH-X4500BT Stereo Receiver User Manual

! Whenplaying back filesrecorded as VBR
(variable bit rate)files, the play time willnot
be correctly displayedif fast forward or re-
verse operations areused.
! To ensure properoperation, connect the
dock connector cablefrom the iPod directly
to this unit.
! Whilethe iPod is connected tothis unit, the
iPodcannot be turned on oroff.
! Ifthe characters recorded onthe disc are not
compatible with thisunit, those characters
will not bedisplayed.
! Text information may notbe correctly dis-
played depending onthe recorded environ-
Random play (shuffle)
% Touch the random key.
! On Playback files inrandom order.
! Off Cancelrandom play.
Repeating playback
% Touch the repeat key.
! One Repeatthe current songonly
! All Repeatall songs
MIXTRAX operation
MIXTRAX is original technologyfor creating
non-stop mixes ofselections from your audio li-
brary, complete withDJ effects that make them
sound as ifa DJ is right there withyou playing
the music.
MIXTRAX EZ operation
You can use thisunit to play iPod/USB audio
MIXTRAX EZ isused to add a variety ofsound ef-
fects between songsfor arranging the pauses
between songs. Itallows you to enjoy listening
to music non-stop.
! Thisfunction is onlyavailable when a file on
a USB storagedevice or a song on aniPod is
being played.
! Thisfunction is notavailable when the con-
trol mode is setto App Mode.
! Dependingon the file/song,sound effects
may not be available.
! Dependingon the file/song,non-stop play-
back may notbe available.
Starting MIXTRAX EZ operation
Setting MIXTRAX mode
Turn on thisfunction to play back audiofiles
using MIXTRAX.
1 Press the home buttonto switch to the
home display.
2 Touch the systemkey to open thesystem
3 Touch MIXTRAX Setupon the system
MIXTRAX setting itemsare displayed.
! ShortPlayback Mode When turnedon, se-
lect anaudio trackplayback length. When
this modeis turned off,the audio trackwill
play allthe way tothe end.
60s (60sec.)90s (90sec.)120s (120sec.)
150s (150sec.)180s (180sec.)Random
(random)Off (off)
When Randomis selected,the playback time
varies between60s, 90s,120s, 150s,and
180sselected at randomwhen theplayback
song changes.
! DisplayEffect When Display Effectis set
to on,the artworkdisplay can bemoved ac-
cording tothe musictype.
! Cut-InEffect When Cut-In Effectis setto
on, soundeffects willplay between tracks.
! EffectSetting Use Effect Settingto setup
the soundeffect youwant to insertbetween
Setting the effect
You can change thesettings for fixed sounds
and sound effects.
There are sixdifferent fixed sounds available
that can beinserted for playback between
The sound effectsare used as effects to signal
the end ofa song being played andthe begin-
ning of the nextsong in series.
The fixed soundsand sound effects are setas
combinations as MIXTRAXsounds.
Fixed sounds
! Phaser A fixedsound that soundslike surg-
ing waves.
! Roll A fixedsound that repeats playback of
a certain sound.
! Turntable A fixedsound that mimics DJ
Bluetooth Audio