Jabra BT130 Headphones User Manual

Troubleshooting & FAQ
I hear crackling noises
For the best audio quality, always wear your headset on the same side of the body
as your mobile phone.
I cannot hear anything in my headset
Increase the volume on the headset
Ensure that the headset is paired with the phone
Make sure that the phone is connected to the headset – if it does not connect
either from the phone’s Bluetooth menu or by tapping the answer/end button,
follow the pairing procedure (See section 3
I have pairing problems even though my phone indicates otherwise
You may have deleted your headset pairing connection in your mobile phone.
Follow the pairing instructions in section 3.
Using a Jabra Bluetooth adaptor
If you want to use the Jabra BT130 with a non Bluetooth mobile phone, the Jabra A210
adaptor is the answer.
It gives you a cordless connection with the following headset features: answer/end call
and voice dial function (if supported by the phone). Rejecting a call and last number
redial might not be supported through the headset jack in the mobile phone.
To pair the Jabra BT130 with the Jabra A210
The pairing process is a little different:
Put your Jabra BT130 in pairing mode
Put the Jabra A210 adaptor in pairing mode
Place them close together. You do not need a dedicated pin code to pair the two
Jabra products. Consult the Jabra A210 user manual for more information
Making/answering a call when using the Jabra A210
When you make a call from your mobile phone, the call will automatically transfer
to the headset (if it is turned on)
To answer a call: either tap the answer/end button on your headset or press the
answer button on your mobile phone
Need more help?
Web: www.jabra.com (for the latest support info and online User Manuals)
See the inside cover for details of customer support
Taking care of your headset
1. Always store the Jabra BT130 with power off and safely protected.
2. Avoid storage at high temperatures (above 60°C / 134°F) – such as in a hot vehicle
or in direct sunlight. (Storage at high temperatures can degrade performance and
reduce battery life).
3. Do not expose the headset or any of its supplied parts to rain or other liquids.
I cannot use Reject call, Call on hold, Redial or Voice dialling
These functions are dependent on your phone supporting them. Please check your
phone’s manual for further details.
Will the Jabra BT130 work with other Bluetooth equipment?
The Jabra BT130 is designed to work with Bluetooth mobile phones. It can also work
with other Bluetooth devices that are compliant with Bluetooth version 1.1 or 1.2
and support a headset and/or hands-free profile.
Jabra (GN Netcom) warrants this product against all defects in material and
workmanship for a period of two years from the date of original purchase. The
conditions of this warranty and our responsibilities under this warranty are as follows:
The warranty is limited to the original purchaser
A copy of your receipt or other proof of purchase is required. Without proof of
purchase, your warranty is defined as beginning on the date of manufacture as
labelled on the product
The warranty is void if the serial number, date code label or product label is
removed, or if the product has been subject to physical abuse, improper installation,
modification, or repair by unauthorized third parties