Jabra BT130 Headphones User Manual

Charge your headset
Make sure that your Jabra BT130 headset is fully charged before you start using it. Use
the AC adaptor to charge from a power socket, or charge directly from your PC with
the USB cable provided. Connect your headset as shown in fig. 3. When the LED is solid
blue, your headset is charging. When the solid blue LED turns off, it is fully charged.
The Jabra BT130 is easy to operate. The answer/end button on the headset performs
different functions depending on how long you press it.
Instruction: Duration of press:
Tap Press briefly
Press Approx: 1 second
Press and hold Approx: 5 seconds
Your Jabra BT130 lets you do all this:
Answer calls
Voice dialing (phone dependent)
End calls
Last number redialing
Reject calls (phone dependent)
Talk time/standby time 4-6 hours talk time (subject to phone), 110 hours standby
Rechargeable battery with charging option from AC power supply or car charger
(not included)
Weight 18 g
Operating range up to 33 feet / 10 m
Headset and hands-free Bluetooth profiles
specification (see glossary) version 1.2
What your headset can do
Getting started
Thank you for purchasing the Jabra BT130 Bluetooth® Headset. We hope you enjoy it!
This instruction manual will get you started and ready to make the most of your headset.
Thank you
Using a mobile phone while driving can distract you and increase the likelihood of an
accident. If driving conditions demand it (such as bad weather, high traffic density,
presence of children in the car, difficult road conditions), pull off the road and park before
making or answering calls. Also, try to keep conversations short and do not make notes or
read documents.
Always drive safely and follow local laws.
Remember, driving comes first, not the call!
About your Jabra BT130
1 LED light
Blue indicates mode
(pairing, active or standby)
and battery charging
Red indicates low battery level
2 Volume up (
), volume down (
3 Charging socket
4 Answer/end button
Press to turn headset on
Press and hold to turn headset off
Tap to answer or end a call
Press this, and press volume up (
) button at same time, to
put headset in pairing mode
5 Earhook – gently flip and rotate 180° to fit left ear. (See fig. 2)
Fig. 1