Harman-Kardon AVR 355 Stereo Receiver User Manual

Troubleshooting Guide
Processor Reset
In the rare case where the unit’s operation or the
displays seem abnormal, the cause may involve
the erratic operation of the system’s memory or
To correct this problem, first unplug the unit from
the AC wall outlet and wait at least three
minutes. After the pause, reconnect the AC
power cord and check the unit’s operation. If the
system still malfunctions,a system reset may
clear the problem.
To clear theAVR’s entire system memory
including tuner presets,output level settings,
delay times and speaker configuration data, first
put the unit in Standby by pressing the System
Power Control button
. Next press and hold
the OK button
for five seconds.
The unit will turn on automatically and show the
word RESET in the Display for a few seconds.
Then it reverts to normal ON status.Note that
once you have cleared the memory in this manner,
it is necessary to re-establish all system
configuration settings and tuner presets.
NOTE: Resetting the processor will erase any
configuration settings you have made for
speakers,output levels,surround modes,digital
input assignments as well as the tuner presets.
After a reset the unit will be returned to the
factory presets, and all settings for these items
must be reentered.
If the system is still operating incorrectly, there
may have been an electronic discharge or severe
AC line interference that has corrupted the
memory or microprocessor.
If these steps do not solve the problem, consult
an authorized Harman Kardon service depot.
Unit does not function when Main • No AC Power • Make certain AC power cord is plugged
Power Switch
is pushed into a live outlet
• Check to see if outlet is switch controlled
Display lights, but no sound • Intermittent input connections • Make certain that all input and speaker
or picture connections are secure
Mute is on • Press Mute button
Volume control is down • Turn up volume control
No sound from any speaker; •Amplifier is in protection mode • Check speaker-wire connections for shorts at receiver
Protect Warning in Display due to possible short and speaker ends
• Amplifier is in protection mode • Contact your local Harman Kardon service depot
due to internal problems
No sound from surround or • Incorrect surround mode • Select a mode other than Stereo
center speakers • Input is mono • There is no surround information from mono sources
• Incorrect configuration • Check speaker mode configuration
• Stereo or Mono program material • Some surround modes may not create rear-channel information
from nonencoded programs
Unit does not respond to •Weak batteries in remote • Change remote batteries
remote commands • Wrong device selected • Press the AVR Selector
Remote sensor
is obscured • Make certain front-panel sensor is visible to remote or
connect remote sensor
Intermittent buzzing in tuner • Local interference • Move unit or antenna away from computers, fluorescent lights,
motors or other electrical appliances
Letters flash in the Channel Indicator • Digital audio feed paused • Resume play for DVD
and Digital Audio stops • Check that Digital Signal is fed to the Digital Input selected
No picture or on-screen • AVR Resolution to Display • Select correct Resolution as described
information on the TV screen. is not correct, too high or too low. on page 21 "Resolution To Display"