Harman-Kardon AVR 355 Stereo Receiver User Manual

Main Remote Control Functions
The remote is capable of operating the AVR
355/AVR 255 and most Harman Kardon CD
changers or players, CD Recorders and Tape
decks, using the control codes that are part of
the remote.
å AVR Power On:When theAVR 355/AVR
255 is in the Standby mode, as indicated by the
Power Indicator
glowing amber,press this
button to turn the unit on.
AVR Power Off:When the AVR 355/AVR
255 is turned on, press this button to place it in
the Standby mode. Note that in this condition,
the unit is still connected to AC Power.
ç Source Selectors: Press these buttonsto
selectan input source for theAVR 355/AVR 255.
Audio Effects Button: Press this button to
go directly to the Audio Effects Menu.
Transport Controls:Thesebuttonsare used
tocontrol Play,PlayForward,PlayReverse,Stop,
Pause andRecord functions on compatible Harman
Kardoncompactdisc players/changers and cassette
ƒ Menu Navigation Buttons: Use these
buttons to move Up, Down, Left or Right when
using the Menu system of the AVR 355/AVR 255.
© Sleep Button: Press this button to place
the unit in the Sleep mode. Each press of the
button selects the amount of time that will
remain before the unit will automatically go into
the Standby mode, as shown in the Main Infor-
mation Display
, in the following order:
Holding the button pressed for some seconds
will directly turn off the Sleep time selection.
˙ Light Button (AVR 355 only): Press this
button to activate the remote control's back-
ground light.
î Channel/Page Button: When the tuner has
been selected, this control selects a preset radio
station. Press these buttons while operating a
cable, satellite or HDTV set-top box or a televi-
sion to change channels.The Page control may
be available with some DVD players when play-
ing a DVD Audio disc containing pages of
images associated with a track.
Last Button: When the tuner is in use,
pressing this button returns to the last station
tuned.When controlling a cable, satellite or
HDTV set-top box or a TV,press this button to
return to the previous television channel.
K Numeric Keys:These buttons serve as a
ten-button numeric keypad to enter tuner preset
positions or track numbers with CD players/
changers or to tune stations directly.
¬ Video Modes Button: Press this button to
go directly to the Video Modes Menu.
µ Menu Button:When using a H/K DVD play-
er with the receiver, you can activate the DVD
Menu with this button.
Ñ Activity Button: This button may be pro-
grammed to transmit a series of commands with
a single press, which is useful for powering on
all devices and selecting the correct settings on
each device, or for selecting multi-digit channels
with a single press. See the section on Program-
ming the Remote for more information on
Press this button to enter the Activity program-
ming function, or before pressing one of the
Buttons that you have programmed with an
Activity sequence, to begin transmitting the
entire sequence.
ø Back/Exit Button: Press this button to go
back to the previous Menu or to exit a Menu.
MasterVolume: Press these buttons to
raise or lower the AVR 355/AVR 255’s volume.
œ Disc Menu: Press this button to open the
menu of a DVD disc that you are watching.
® Mute Button: Press this button to momen-
tarily silence theAVR 355/AVR 255.
ß Surround Modes Button: Press this but-
ton to enter the Surround Modes selection
Learn Button (AVR 355 only): Press and
hold for 3 seconds to enter the Learn procedure.
Please refer to the section concerning operation
of the remote control.
ü Device Power Off: Turns Off the power of
other devices that you have selected to control
with the Source Selector Buttons ç.
Device Power On: Turns On the power of
other devices that you have selected to control
with the Source Selector Buttons ç.
TransmitterWindow: Point this area of the
remote toward the receiver when using the
OK Button: This button confirms settings
and orders in the menus.
¥ Settings Buttons: Open the AVR, INFO or
SOURCE settings with one press of one of these
Zone Select:This button slides sideways to
switch the remote control between controlling
Zone 1 or Zone 2 of theAVR.
a Color Buttons: These four buttons are used
as color buttons when controlling aTV set.They
have various functions when controlling other
devices. Please refer to the remote control Code
Tables page 46-50.