Harman-Kardon AVR 355 Stereo Receiver User Manual

Tuner Operation
• The ProgramType (PTY) as shown in the list
OTE: Many stations do not transmit a specific
PTY.The display will show
NONE, when such a
station is selected and PTY is active.
• A“text” message (Radiotext,
RT) containing
special information from the broadcast station.
Note that this message may scroll across the
isplay to permit messages longer than the eight
positions in the display. Radiotext is not shown
on theTV On-Screen Display.
• The current time of day (
CT). Note that it may
ake up to two minutes for the time to appear,
in that time the letters CT are shown in the
information display when CT is selected. Please
note that the accuracy of the time data is
dependent on the radio station, not the AVR.
Some RDS stations may not include some of
these additional features. If the data required
for the selected mode is not being transmitted,
the Main Information Display
will show
message after the individual time out.
In any FM mode the RDS function requires a
strong enough signal for proper operation.
Program Search (PTY)
An important feature of RDS is its capability of
encoding broadcasts with Program Type (PTY)
codes that indicate the type of material being
broadcast.The following list shows the
abbreviations used to indicate each PTY, along
with an explanation of the PTY:
NEWS: News
INFO: Infomation
SPORT: Sports
EDUCATE: Educational
DRAMA: Drama
CULTURE: Culture
SCIENCE: Sciencek
VARIED: Varied Speech Programs
POPM: Popular Music
ROCKM: Rock Music
M.O.R.M.: Middle-of-the-Road Music
LIGHTM: Classical Music
CLASSICS: Serious Classical Music
OTHERM: Other Music
WEATHER: Weather Information
FINANCE: Financial Programs
CHILDREN: Children’s Programs
SOCIAL A: Social Affairs Programs
RELIGION: Religious Broadcasts
PHONE IN: Phone-In Programs
TRAVEL: Travel andTouring
LEISURE: Leisure and Hobby
JAZZ: Jazz Music
COUNTRY: Country Music
NATIONAL: National Music
OLDIES: Oldies Music
FOLK M: Folk Music
DOCUMENT: Documentary Programs
TEST: Emergency Test
ALARM: Emergency Broadcast Information
You may search for a specific Program Type
(PTY) by following these steps:
. Press the Play button
ntil the
current PTY is shown in the Main Information
2.While the PTY is shown, press the CH/Page
Up/Down I or the M/N Buttons F or hold
them pressed to scroll through the list of avail-
ble PTY types, as shown above starting with
the PTY currently received.
3. Press either of the K/L Buttons F.The
tuner begins to scan the FM band upwards or
downwards for the first station that has RDS
data that matches the desired selection, and
cceptable signal strength for quality reception.
4.The tuner will make up to one complete scan
of the entire FM band for the next station that
matches the desired PTY type and has accept-
able reception quality. If no such station is
found, the display will read
NONE for some
seconds and the tuner will return to the last FM
station in use before the search.