Harman-Kardon AVR 355 Stereo Receiver User Manual

Programming the Remote
ctivity Programming (Macros)
Activities enable you to easily repeat frequently
used combinations of commands with the press
of a single button on theAVR’s remote control.
Once programmed, anActivity will send out up to
19 different remote codes in a pre-determined
sequential order enabling you to automate the
process of turning on your system,changing
devices,or other common tasks.TheAVR’s
remote can store up to eleven separate activity
command sequences, one that is associated with
the AVR Power On button
, and ten more
that are accessed by pressing the 0-9 Buttons
.To start programming an activity,press the
Activity button
and one of the 0-9 buttons
to be programmed or the AVR Power On
at the same time. Note that the latest
selected Device LED will light red.
2. Enter the steps for the activity sequence by
pressing the button for the actual command
step.Although the activity may contain up to 19
steps, each button press, including those used to
change devices, counts as a step.The Device
LED will blink once to confirm each button press
as you enter commands.
• Remember to press the appropriate Input
Selector button
before functions are
changed to another device.This is also needed
for the AVR Selector button
itself, as long
as it’s not lit red and AVR functions shall be
3. When all the steps have been entered, press
the Activity button
again to enter the
commands. The red light under the Input
will blink three times and then
turn off.
Note: It can take up to 10 seconds to send out
19 commands from an Activity Button. Please
continue to point the remote control at the
device(s) until all the commands on theActivity
Button have been sent out.This will ensure that
all the commands are received by the device(s).
Example: Activity Button Programming.
To program Activity Button“2”to send the fol-
lowing commands: turn on theAudio receiver,
turn on the TV,turn on a DVD, and turn on a
Satellite receiver.
Press theActivity Button “2” and theACTIVITY
Press theAVR device button(to change to the
AVR mode)
Press theAVR POWER ON button(to turn on the
Audio receiver)
Press theTV device button(to change to theTV
Press the DEVICE POWER ON button(to turn on
Press the DVD device button(to change to the
DVD mode)
Press the DEVICE POWER ON button(to turn on
the DVD)
Press the SAT device button(to change to the
SAT mode)
Press the DEVICE POWER ON button(to turn on
the SAT receiver)
10. Press theACTIVITY button.
After following these steps, each time you press
the Activity Button
, followed by pressing
the "2" Button where theActivity is pro-
grammed,, the remote will send all Power On
The "2" Button only sends the programmed
Activity when the Activity Button
pressed first. Otherwise, Button "2" sends the
normal, numerical 2.
Erasing Activity Buttons
Press the Activity button
and the Activity
Button (0~9, orAVR POWER ON) that you wish
to program, simultaneously.The Device LED will
light up.
Press the Activity button
again.The Device
LED blinks three times.
Note: Any previously stored commands on an
Activity Button will be erased when new com-
mands are stored on the sameActivity Button.
rogrammed Device Functions
Once theAVR’s remote has been programmed for
the codes of other devices, press the appropriate
Input Selector
to change the remote from
control over theAVR to the additional product.
When you press any of these buttons, it will briefly
flash in red to indicate that you have changed the
device being controlled.
When operating a device other than theAVR, the
controls may not correspond exactly to the func-
ion printed on the remote or button.Some com-
mands, such as the volume control, are the same
as they are with theAVR. Other buttons will
hange their function so that they correspond to
a secondary label on the remote. For example,
the Sleep and Surround mode selector buttons
also function as the Channel Up and Channel
Down buttons when operating most TV sets,
VCRs or Sat-Receivers.
For some products, however, the function of a
particular button does not follow the command
printed on the remote. In order to see which
function a button controls, consult the Function
List tables printed on page 46-50.To use those
tables, first check the type of device being
controlled (e.g.,TV,VCR). Next,look at the
remote control illustration belonging to the
Function List. Note that each button has a num-
ber on it.
To find out what function a particular button has
for a specific device, find the button number on
the Function List and then look in the column for
the device you are controlling.Most of the but-
tons are fairly straightforward, as they perform
identical functions for all devices,but some have
other functions for some devices.