Harman-Kardon AVR 355 Stereo Receiver User Manual

asic Operation
nce you have completed the setup and configu-
ration of theAVR, it is simple to operate and
enjoy.The following instructions should be
followed for you to maximize your enjoyment of
your new receiver:
Turning the AVR On or Off
•When using theAVR for the first time,you must
press the Main Power Switch
on the rear
panel to turn the unit on.This places the unit in
Standby mode,as indicated by the amber color of
the Power Indicator
.Once the unit is in
Standby,you may begin a listening session by
pressing the System Power Control
or on
he front panel or the
AVR Power ON Button on the remote A.
Note that the Power Indicator
turns white.
This will turn the unit on and return it to the input
source that was last used.The unit may also be
turned on from Standby by pressing any of the
Source Selector buttons on the remote C,
except the "Bridge" Button on theAVR 355
To turn the unit off at the end of a listening
session, simply press the System Power
on the front panel or theAVR
Power Off Button B on the remote.Power
will be shut off to any equipment plugged into
the front panel Switched AC Outlets
the Power Indicator
will turn amber.
When the remote is used to turn the unit“off”it
is actually placing the system in a Standby mode,
as indicated by the amber color of the Power
When you will be away from home for an
extended period of time it is always a good idea
to completely turn the unit off with the rear
panel Main Power Switch
NOTE: All preset memories may be lost if the
unit is left turned off with the Main Power
for more than two weeks.
Using the Sleep Timer
To program theAVR for automatic turn-off,
press the Sleep Button G on the remote. Each
press of the button will increase the time before
shut down in the following sequence:
The sleep time will be displayed in the Main
Information Display
and it will count
down until the time has elapsed.
When the programmed sleep time has elapsed,
the unit will automatically turn off (to Standby
mode). Note that the front panel display will dim
to one half brightness when the Sleep function
is programmed.To cancel the Sleep function,
press and hold the Sleep Button G until the
information display returns to normal brightness
nd the Sleep indicator numbers disappear and
the words SLEEP OFF appear in the
Main Information Display
Mute Function
To temporarily mute all speakers and the head-
phones, press the MuteButton on the remote
R.Any recording in progress will not be affect-
ed. The MUTE message will appear in the display
as a reminder.To restore normal audio, either
press the Mute Button again, or adjust the vol-
ume. Turning off the AVR will also end muting.
Audio Effects
Depending on the specific characteristics of your
listening room, you may wish to tweak some of
the audio settings, such as tone controls, to
improve performance.Access these settings from
the Audio Effects Button 9D, as described in
the Advanced Functions section.
It is not necessary to adjust theAudio Effects
settings to enjoy your newAVR.We recommend
leaving the settings at their default values until
you are more familiar with your system.
Video Modes
The settings in the Video Modes menu are used
to fine-tune the picture if necessary after making
all adjustments on the video display.It is recom-
mended that you leave the settings at their
defaults. See theAdvanced Functions section for
detailed information.
Source Selection
For direct access to any source,press its Source
Selector Button C on the remote control.
Alternatively, Sources can be selected from the
Source Selection Menu, available by pressing the
AVR Settings Button Y on the remote, followed
by the OK Button X.The list showing available
inputs slides in from the right.Simply scroll up
and down to the desired input, then press OK on
the remote.
• The input source may also be changed by
pressing the front-panel Source List Button
.This opens the on-screen Source Selection
Menu with the slide-in Source List already open.
If you are not using your TV for on-screen refer-
ence, use the Front Panel Information Display
which shows the information you need. Scroll up
and down with the KL Buttons
, select
the desired Input by pressing the OK Button
and exit the Source Selection function by press-
ing the Source List Button
• The front-panel Video Inputs
, Optical
Digital Input
or the Coaxial Digital
may be used to connect a device such
as a video game or camcorder to your home
entertainment system on a temporary basis.
• As the input source is changed, the new input
name will appear momentarily as on-screen
information in the video display. The input name
will also appear in the Main Information
Display #.
• (AVR 355 only) When Digital Media
Player (DMP) source is selected,if a compatible
Apple iPod device is inserted in an optional
Harman Kardon that is connected to
DMP Connector
on the rear
panel, function messages will appear on any
video display connected to theAVR, and the
remote control may be used to navigate the iPod
and access many of its functions.The function
messages will also appear in the front-panel dis-
play, and the iPod’s battery may be charged. See
the owner’s guides for and your iPod
for more information.
Video Input Selection
When a source is selected, theAVR switches to a
Video Input that has either been assigned to
that Source by you, or to the default Video Input
if you have not assigned any.All inputs except
Radio are combined Audio and Video Inputs,
functioning as audio-only inputs when no video
signal is present. Refer to the Setup section of
this manual for explanation of assigning video
inputs to each source.