Harman-Kardon AVR 355 Stereo Receiver User Manual

Multiroom Operation
he AVR is fully equipped to operate as the con-
trol center for a complete multiroom system that
is capable of sending one source to a second
zone in the house while separate source is lis-
tened to in the main room. In addition to provid-
ing for control over the selection of the remote
source and its volume, the AVR offers a com-
prehensive range of options for powering the
speakers in the second zone.
• Using the line-level Zone 2 Outputs
, the
selected source may be fed to optional,external
power amplifiers that may be matched to the
specifics of the installation (Zone 2 Outputs on
VR 355 only).
• When the main room system is configured for
5.1 operation, the Surround Back Left/Right
amplifier channels may be used to power the
remote zone so that no additional amplifiers are
• Using built-in A-BUS Ready technology,
optional A-BUS modules may be connected to
the AVR via a single Category Five wire, so that
remote zone speakers may be powered directly
from the module or keypad without the need for
additional power, IR sensor or volume control
wires to be run to the second zone. (Please note
that the A-BUS functionality is featured in AVR
355 only).
In addition, theAVR includes a remote IR sensor
input so that remote control commands from the
Zone II remote included with the (AVR 355 only)
or from the main remote when set to Zone 2
with the slide Switch
may be transmitted to
the unit, while standard IR input/output jacks
allow the remote zone’s commands to be sent to
compatible IR-controlled source devices.
Although simple remote room systems may be
installed by the average do-it-yourself hobbyist,
the complexity of your multizone/multiroom sys-
tem involves running wires inside of walls where
the services of a specially trained installer may
be required. Regardless of who does the work,
please remember that local building codes may
govern in-wall electrical work, including proper
specification of any wiring used and the way in
which it is connected.You are responsible for
making certain that all Multiroom installation
work is done properly and in compliance with all
applicable codes and regulations.
For standard installations, follow the instructions
shown on page 18-19 for the connection of
speaker wire and IR remote wiring to theAVR.
For installations where the Surround Back
Left/Right amplifier channels are used to power
the remote zone, make certain that the system is
configured for that type of operation, as shown
For installations where A-BUS modules are used,
follow the instructions provided with theA-BUS
remote modules or keypads.
Additional information will also be made avail-
able through the Harman KardonWeb Site at
Multiroom Setup
Once the audio and IR link connections have
been made, theAVR needs to be configured for
multiroom operation using the steps below.
Press the AVR button
to bring the main
menu to the screen. Press the
until the ZONE 2 menu line is highlighted in
blue. Press the OK button
to enter the menu.
Figure 18
When the ZONE 2 menu appears, the blue
cursor bar will be at the
Status: Off line.
Since this line is used to turn the system on and
off, do not make an adjustment here unless you
wish to turn the system on at this time.To turn
the system on, press the OK Button
once, to
turn it off again, press once more.If you do not
wish to turn the system on at this time or to pro-
ceed to the next step,press the
once so that the blue cursor bar is highlighting
Source line.
At the
Source line, press the press the OK
Button to cause the Source List to slide in from
the right. Use the Up/Down Button
to select
the source..When the selection has been made,
press the OK Button
to confirm your choice,
and continue to the
Volume line by pressing
At the
Volume line, press the
or hold them pressed until the desired vol-
ume level for the multi-room system is entered.
DO NOT use the regular volume control knobs
for this setting.
urround Amplifier Channel
The AVR is equipped with seven full-power
amplifier channels to allow for complete
7.1-channel operation without the need for
additional external amplifiers.However, in some
installations you may wish to use the traditional
5.1-channel configuration for the main listening
room, which allows the surround back left/right
amplifier channels to be used to power speakers
laced in a remote zone location.
If you wish to use the Surround Back channel
mplifiers to power the remote zone, you must
change a setting in the
menu.To make that change, first call
up the menu system by pressing the AVR
to bring the main menu (Figure 1) to
the screen. Next, press the
Zone 2 menu line is highlighted in blue.
Press the OK Button
to enter the Zone 2
The Surround Back Amps line is used to assign
the surround back channels for multizone opera-
tion. Select the Zone 2 setting when multizone
listening is desired. If the multizone system is
not in use, this setting may be changed to Main
Room to accommodate a 7.1-channel system.
When the multiroom system is turned off, this
line will always display the MAIN setting.When
the multiroom system is turned on,this line will
always display the MULTI setting,reflecting that
the surround back channels are always assigned
to the remote zone when the multiroom system
is used.
Remember that once this setting is made you
will not be able to take advantage of any of the
6.1/7.1- channel decoding or processing modes,
and no Surround Back speakers must be
selected in the speaker setup procedure outlined
earlier. In addition the speakers used for the
remote zone must be connected to the
Surround Back/Multiroom Speaker
.The volume for these speakers is
set by the multiroom system,as explained