Harman-Kardon AVR 355 Stereo Receiver User Manual

System Configuration
Reset Levels: If you wish to start by resetting
all of the levels to their factory defaults of 0dB,
scroll down to this line and press the OK Button.
The levels will be reset.
If you are using an external source to set your
output levels, simply navigate to each channel,
press the OK Button and use the M/N Buttons
to adjust the level as desired between –10dB
and +10dB.All channels default to 0dB.
If you would like to set your levels using the
AVR 355/AVR 255’s internal test tone, adjust the
EST TONE line as follows.
Test Tone: This line determines whether the test
tone is active.To begin the process of setting the
levels, press the OK Button repeatedly to select
the OFF,AUTO or MANUAL setting.Any time you
manually move the cursor out of the channel
listings area of the screen, this setting will auto-
matically change to OFF, stopping the test tone.
When this setting reads AUTO, the test tone will
automatically circulate to all channels,pausing
for a few moments at each channel and then
moving to the next channel several seconds
later, as indicated by the highlight bar.You may
adjust the level for any channel when the test
tone is paused there by using the M/N Buttons.
You may also use the K/L Buttons at any
time to move the cursor to another line, and the
test tone will follow the cursor.
When this setting reads MANUAL,the test tone
will not move to the next channel until you use
the K/L Buttons to move it.
NOTE: Setting the channel levels while one sur-
round mode is active does not carry over to
other mode groups. We recommend that after
you have set the levels satisfactorily in one
mode, you note the results and change to other
surround modes. For those modes that don’t
reflect your level settings, you may either copy
the settings you obtained (as a short cut), or
redo the procedure to determine the correct set-
tings for those surround modes.
When you have finished adjusting the speaker
levels, select the SAVE option so that the set-
tings will not be lost. Record the level settings in
TableA3 in the appendix for future reference.