Bose CD Player CD Player User Manual

Connecting the power cord
1. Unwind the power cord completely to ensure the best FM reception. The FM antenna is
built into the power cord.
2. Plug the power cord into an electric outlet (Figure 3). The display panel lights and the time
display begins flashing.
3. Press and hold either Time 4 or _, button to stop the flashing and set the time.
Figure 3
Connectingthepower cord
Adjusting the antennas
With the FM antenna built into the power cord, adjusting the cord position affects FM radio
reception slightly. With the AM antenna built into the radio, turning the radio more to one side
or the other adjusts AM reception slightly.
Receiving cable radio signals as an option
To connect your system to receive the FM signal available from some cable TV companies,
contact your cable provider for assistance.
The cable screws onto threads of the FM 75_ EXTERNAL antenna connector on the back of
the Wave Radio/CD. To make this connection easier, you may want to obtain a screw-on to
push-on RF adapter (available at electronics stores).
,_ CAUTION: Make sure the installation includes a signal splitter. It is important that only the
FM band, not the cable TVband, is transmitted to the radio. This requires a splitter that filters
the signal to prevent any re-emissions of the TVspectrum through the radio.