Bose CD Player CD Player User Manual

Using the radio/CD control panel
In addition to controlling the most frequently used functions of the radio, CD player, and
alarms, control panel buttons allow you to set the time, alarms, CD mode, and radio presets
(Figure 8).
Using button combinations on the control panel gives you access to additional special
features (such as customizing the display and programming the CD player). For details, refer
to the "Quick Reference to Special Functions" on page 28.
Three raised dots on the Sleep/Snoeze button of the control panel help you locate this
frequently used button.
Figure 8
The Wave Radio/CD
control panel
Enters Alarm 1 and 2 setup mode
Turns Alarm 1 on/off
Turns on radio and stores/selects
a preset station m
Tunes radio, skips or scans CD
Turns on CD play or pauses CD --
Stops CD, turns tone alarm on/off
Turns on FM m
Alarm Volume
Wave Rao_o/CD
Sets the time
Alarm 2 on/off
Selects CD random/repeat
_Turns on AUX (auxiliarymode)
-- Turns on AM
Turns system on/off, Turns system on and Raisesor lowers
deactivates the alarm sets sleep time, volume
snoozes (delays) the alarm