Bose CD Player CD Player User Manual

Taking care of your Wave Radio/CD
The only necessary maintenance is cleaning and periodic battery replacement.
Handling CDs
Handle discs by their edges to prevent fingerprints and scratches.
To remove stains or fingerprints from the surface of a disc, use a soft,
lint-free, dry cloth. Wipe in straight movements from the center of the
disc to the outside. Do not use any chemical products; they can
damage the disc.
Do not write on, or attach labels to the surface of the disc.
To minimize exposure to dust and dirt, replace discs in their cases
after use. Store each disc in its case, out of direct sunlight, high
temperatures, and humidity.
Cleareing your Wave Radio/CD i
Use only a cloth to clean the outside of the Wave Radio/CD. If neces-
sary, you may use a soft-bristled attachment to gently vacuum the
front of the system.
Do not use any solvents, chemicals, or cleaning solutions containing
alcohol, ammonia, or abrasives. Do not spray cleaners directly on the system. Do not allow
liquids to spill into any openings on the system.
CAUTION, If liquids get into the product, turn the system off. Call Bose_ Product Support as
soon as possible to arrange for service (see phone numbers on inside back cover).
Replacing the batteries
To maintain your Wave Radio/CD's memory and backup alarm system, replace the 9V battery
every year or whenever you have an extended power loss. A dead battery may leak and
cause damage. Do not unplug your Wave Radio/CD from the power outlet while replacing the
battery. If you do unplug it, you will need to reset the clock and alarm settings.
Follow these steps to check the low-battery indicator:
1. Turn the system off.
2. Hold down Alarm Setup, and press CD Stop. The display indicates the remaining battery
Ni or number 78 or above mean adequate voltage to provide backup power.
Number 77 or below means limited voltage.
Lo means the voltage is too low for the battery to function. The play/pause II_ flashes
to alert you to replace the battery soon.
For further information on replacing the backup battery, see "Installing the battery" on page 6.
For information on replacing the remote control battery, see "Setting up the remote control" on
page 8.
Technical inforrnation
Power rating
120V- 50/60 Hz 50W
14"W x 81/2"Dx 43/8"H(35.6 cm x 21.6 cm x 11.1 cm)
7.4 Ib (3.4 kg)