Bose CD Player CD Player User Manual

To display CD information - If the display is in clock mode (see
page 15) and the CD is playing, hold down Alarm Setup and press
Track/Tune <_ or _ on the control panel only.
To display playing time for one track - After pressing CD Stop [],
press Track/Tune <_ or _> to display total time for the selected track.
Press OD Play 1_| | to play the selected track.
Track/Tune m
To display elapsed or remaining time for a track or disc - In
play or pause mode, hold down Alarm Setup while pressing
CD Play _ || on the control panel only to change the display through
this sequence: elapsed track time, elapsed disc time, remaining track
time, and remaining disc time.
To select random and/or repeat play - Pressing CD Mode
selects between four random/repeat modes and regular CD play in the
following sequence:
RANDOM (plays all tracks randomly, one time each)
REPEAT RANDOM (repeats the disc in a new random order each time)
REPEAT (repeats the disc continuously)
TRACK REPEAT (repeats the selected track continuously)
TRACK (each track is played in regular order)
Repeat modes stop automatically after 24 hours.
To set continuous music - In CD play mode, to select a source to
play automatically after the CD ends, hold down Alarm Setup and
press FM, AM, or AUX on the control panel only. The selected source
lights on the display. Cancel continuous play by pressing CD Stop [] or
To use the CD hold feature - In CD play mode, if you select
another source, the CD player holds your place for 10 minutes so you
can switch back to CD where you left off.
To program a CD - See "Quick Reference to Special Functions" on
page 28.
Reading the CD display
Figure 12
A CD display example
ShowsCDelapsedtime, I [-
CD remainingtime, _ I
CD total time, -1"1
CDprogramming _ I
(PRO1,PRO2...) |L
IndicatesCDisthe LightswhenCD isplaying,
selectedsource flashesfor pause
Indicateswhich CDplaymodeisselected
Shows CD
track number
Lights for CD