Bose CD Player CD Player User Manual

Using the alarms
To turn Alarm I or Alarm 2 on/off - On the control panel only,
press Alarm 1 to activate this alarm; ALARM 1 lights on the display.
Press again to deactivate that alarm. Press Alarm 2 to activate this
alarm; ALARM 2 lights on the display. Press again to deactivate that
The alarms go off at the time, volume, and source you have set for each.
To stop the alarm - Press On/Off. The alarm indicator remains lit,
since the alarm automatically resets to repeat daily. Use the Alarm 1 or
Alarm 2 button to deactivate the alarm.
Or, if you do not press On/Off, the tone o)))alarm shuts off in 30 minutes,
the radio or CD alarm shuts off in 60 minutes. If the alarm is set for radio
or CD followed by tone o_5),the music plays for 10 minutes, then the
tone ,_))sounds for 30 minutes.
To use the snooze option - Press SleetYSnoeze or Sleep to have
the alarm snooze for either 10 minutes or your customized snooze time.
(See instructions for adjusting snooze time on page 20.) During the delay,
the ALARM iconflashes and Sn appears on the display. After the silent
snooze time, the alarm begins again as you have set it.
Tochange the duration of the current snooze only, press Sleep/Snooze or
S/eep once to display the remaining snooze time. Press the Time 4 or
while remaining snooze time is displayed to increase or decrease the time.
You can repeat the snooze cycle as many times as you want.
To change the volume of the alarm while it is sounding - The
radio, CD, and tone o_))alarms turn on and gradually increase to the
selected volume setting. To change the volume for one use only, press
Volume A or V while the alarm is sounding.
To use the alarm during a power failure - On the control panel
only, press On/Off to silence. The backup battery maintains the alarm for
approximately 24 hours without AC power. To conserve power in backup
mode, (1)only the tone alarm sounds (even if radio or CD alarm is
selected), (2) the display is off, and (3) the remote does not operate the
system. Normal operation resumes when power is restored. Replace the
9V battery after an extended power failure.