Bose CD Player CD Player User Manual

Using the remote control
You can use the remote control to operate the most frequently used functions of the radio,
CD player, and alarms. Aim the remote control at the display of your Wave Radio/CD. Use the
remote buttons in the same way you use the system control panel.
The remote normally works up to 20 feet in front of the system, and 6 feet to either side.
Replace the remote control battery when it stops operating, or its range seems reduced
(normally every year or two). Keep in mind that lighting and other room conditions, in addition
to battery age, can affect the operating range of an infrared remote control.
You cannot use the remote control to set the time, alarms, CD random and repeat, or radio
presets, nor to customize the display.
Figure 7
Turns system on and sets sleep time,
snoozes (delays) the alarm
Turns the system on/off,
deactivates the alarm
Turns on CD play or pauses CD
Stops CD
Turns on FM
Turns on AM
Tunes radio, skips or scans CD
-- Raises or lowers volume
-- Turns on AUX mode
-- Mutes/unmutes the system
-- Turns on and selects a preset station