Bose CD Player CD Player User Manual

Installing the battery
The 9-volt battery maintains clock and alarm settings and operates the Wave®Radio/CD's
backup alarm system for up to 24 hours, during a power loss or while the system is tempo-
rarily unplugged. Operating without this battery leaves the memory unprotected, but will not
harm the product.
Use a standard 9V battery (IEC 6F22 in Europe), available at most retail stores. Use an
alkaline battery for longer backup time.
Note: The battery does not provide power for Wave Radio/CD operation or for the display.
1. Do not remove the protective transparent film with tabs from the front of the system. It
prevents the CD door from opening accidentally when you turn the system over.
2. Carefully turn your system upside down.
3. Locate the battery compartment on the bottom (Figure 2).
4. Press the arrow on the cover to slide the compartment open.
5. Match the large (-) terminal on the battery to the small terminal on the clip (which lifts out
of the compartment for easier connection).
6. Snap the terminals together firmly.
7. Slide the cover closed.
,_ Note: Now is a good time to record the serial number found on the bottom of your system.
Write it on your warranty card and in the space provided on page 3.
8. Turn the system right side up.
9. Remove the protective transparent film with tabs from the front of the system.
,_ CAUTION: After you remove the transparent film, be sure to remove any CD before turning
the system over With no film in place, the CD cover opens freely whenever the system is
turned upside down, so a CD could fall out.
Figure 2
Installing thebattery