Bose CD Player CD Player User Manual

Before you begin
Thank you for purchasing the Bose®Wave®Radio/CD.
Fourteen years of research by Bose Corporation bring you the benefits of award-winning
patented acoustic waveguide speaker technology. Using this technology, a tube efficiently
transfers energy from a small loudspeaker to the outside air over a whole range of bass
notes. And, by folding long waveguides into intricate patterns, they fit into products small
enough to be placed comfortably in your home. There is a 27-inch (68-cm) long waveguide
inside the Wave Radio/CD's compact enclosure, enabling this tabletop system to produce
room-filling sound with full, rich bass.
Your Wave Radio/CD includes:
Integrated system design for high acoustic quality requiring no complex adjustments
A high performance stereo tuner with 6 AM and 6 FM station presets
A CD player including skip, scan, random, repeat, and programming features
Two independent alarms, with battery backup power to save the settings for wakeup
during a power loss
A credit card-size infrared remote control with optional mounting strip
Inputs for an additional sound source, such as a TV,VCR, computer, or tape player
To discover how easy it is to use your new Wave Radio/CD, follow the steps on the Quick Set
Up Guide and play the demonstration CD. Like most functions, it can be done with the press
of a single button. Some special functions are available by pressing button combinations (for
details, see page 28).
To fully appreciate all of these features, please take the time to follow this owner's guide
carefully. It helps you set up and operate your system, and enjoy its high-fidelity sound.