Bose CD Player CD Player User Manual

Connecting other components as an option
You can use your Wave®Radio/CD to improve the sound of a TV,VCR, computer, or tape player.
Or use it as extension speakers for a Bose®Lifestyle_ music system. Connect one of these
components to the R (right)and L (left)AUX IN jacks.
To play your radio or CD player through external speakers, connect powered speakers with an
independent volume control to the system's R (right) and L (left) LINE OUT jacks. Audio cables
for these connections are available at electronics stores.
Most audio cables are color coded. Match the red plug to the R (red) jack and the black or
white plug to the L (white) jack (Figure 6).
Nete: Connecting external speakers does not shut off the Wave Radio/CD's speakers.
Figure 6
Using other components
Select your TV,VCR, computer, or tape player, or other auxiliary source by pressing the AUX
button. Adjust the listening volume with the Wave Radio/CD volume buttons. Control all other
functions, including on and off, at the source, referring to its owner's manual, if necessary. An
auxiliary component cannot be selected as the alarm sound source.
Control your auxiliary powered speakers from the Wave Radio/CD. Use the volume control on
the powered speakers to adjust the volume level.