Bose CD Player CD Player User Manual

Controlling the system
To turn on/off - Press On/Off once to turn on or off. The system turns
on to the last source played.
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To select a source - Press FM orAM, CD, orAUX. To listen to a
component connected to AUX, be sure to turn on the component.
Pressing AUX does not turn on the component.
To adjust the volume - With the system on or off, press and hold
either button to reset the volume. The display shows the volume level,
from 0 (silent) to 99 (loud). With the system off, the maximum volume
you can preset is 70.
To mute the sound - Using the remote control only, press to silence
the system. Press again to restore volume.
To shut off automatically - Press Sleep/Snooze or Sleep to set
sleep time (timed shutoff).
When sleep time is first set, the display shows :10(minutes).
Press again, or press and hold, to increase the sleep time by
10-minute increments, up to :90. After :90, the next press returns to the
sleep OFF setting, then begins again at :10.
Your selected sleep time isheld in memory for the next use of both
sleep and nap timer.
To turn on automatically {as a nap timer) - Before setting the
nap timer, select your source and make sure that a radio station is tuned
in or a CD is in the player. Then, on the control panel only, hold down
Alarm Setup and press Sleep/Snooze to set the nap timer (to count
down and turn system on).
The system is silenced and the display shows either - :10(minutes) or
the last used nap or sleep time.
Each additional press (or press and hold) of SleelYSnooze adds 10
minutes, up to - :90. The next press returns to the nap timer OFF
You can check the time remaining by holding down Alarm Setup and
pressing Sleep/Snooze once.
After the time counts down, the most recently selected source turns
Your selected nap time is held in memory for the next use of both
sleep and nap timer.