Pioneer S-L8-LRW Stereo Receiver User Manual

Playback sound is
muddy or distorted;
high frequency sounds
are excessively
Timer doesn’t operate.
Remote control unit
doesn’t work.
Power won’t turn on to
the deck or CD receiver.
Remote Locator
function doesn’t work
Likely Cause
The Dolby NR setting is not the same as that used
during recording.
Clock isn’t set to the correct current time.
Power interruption has caused the clock to be set to
the incorrect time (when the clock display is
Batteries are exhausted.
A fluorescent lamp is located close to the remote
control unit.
The remote control unit is not pointed at the signal
receiver on the display unit.
System ribbon cord connection is incorrect.
The microphone in the remote control is covered
The remote control is too far away.
The battery in the remote control is dead.
The slide switch is in the OFF position.
The interval between claps is too long or too short.
Set the Dolby NR system to the same setting as
that used during recording (see p.32).
Reset the clock to the correct current time
(see p.22, 23).
Reset the clock to the correct current time
(see p.22, 23).
Load new batteries.
Remove the fluorescent lamp from the area of
the remote control unit.
Point the remote control unit at the remote
sensor (located on the right side of the display
unit) when operating.
Connect the system ribbon cord correctly.
This is not a malfunction.
Move to a different location and try again.
Replace the battery.
Slide the Remote Locator switch to the ON
The interval should be about a second.
When the system is installed near a television set, magnetic influence from the speakers may cause the television’s picture to be
distorted. This symptom frequently occurs when using an indoor antenna; in this event, install an outdoor antenna, or separate the
system farther from the television.
Static electricity and other outside electrical influences may cause the system to operate incorrectly. In such cases, unplugging and
reconnecting the power cord may help correct the problem.
More than one of the same kind of component (CD receiver, MD recorder, or cassette deck) cannot be connected at the same time.
Setting the tuner’s frequency interval:
FM broadcasts are normally tuned at 50kHz intervals and AM broadcasts at 9kHz intervals, but this setting can be changed to 100kHz (FM)
and 10kHz (AM) if desired in the following way:
1. Switch the unit into standby mode.
2. Press MENU and choose TUNER F. STEP using the $ or button. Press SET to select it.
3. Switch between AM 9K (FM 50K) and AM 10K (FM 100K) using the $ and buttons. Press SET to select.