Pioneer S-L8-LRW Stereo Receiver User Manual

Cleaning external surfaces
To clean the compact disc player, wipe with a soft, dry cloth. For
stubborn dirt, wet a soft cloth with a mild detergent solution made
by diluting one part detergent to 5 or 6 parts water, wring well,
then wipe off the dirt. Use a dry cloth to wipe the surface dry. Do
not use volatile liquids such as benzene and thinner which may
damage the surfaces.
Moving the unit
If you need to move the unit, first switch it off and unplug from
the wall outlet. Never lift or move the unit during playback or
recording—CDs rotate at a high speed and may be damaged.
CD lens cleaner
The compact disc player's pickup lens should not become dirty in
normal use, but if for some reason it should malfunction due to
dirt or dust, consult your nearest Pioneer authorized service center.
Although lens cleaners for compact disc players are commercially
available, we do not recommend using them since some may
damage the lens.
Tape head cleaner
To maintain the recording/playback quality of the tape deck, use a
commercially available wet-type cassette head cleaner. Avoid using
dry-type cassette head cleaners.
Be careful: Some cassette head cleaners are not designed to
work with auto-reverse decks and may become jammed in the
mechanism—ask your Pioneer authorized service centre for
After using the head cleaner, leave the unit for 2–3 minutes before
playing a tape. This will give any excess cleaning fluid a chance to
Demagnetizing the tape head
The recording/playback head in the tape deck gradually becomes
magnetized after long periods of use. Playback and recording
quality will suffer as a result, with a lack of treble and increased
noise. To avoid the problem, we recommend using a head
demagnetizer at regular intervals. These are available from any
good audio dealer.
When using a head demagnetizer, be sure to turn the volume right
down and unplug any headphones to avoid damaging the unit or
the speakers. For further details, refer to the instructions that came
with the head demagnetizer.