Pioneer S-L8-LRW Stereo Receiver User Manual

Power turns off
abruptly during
No sound
Can’t switch between
Play doesn’t start when
the play/pause button is
Can’t listen to
broadcasts, or sound is
Broadcast is in stereo,
but sound from
speakers is monaural.
Can’t record
Sound is muddy or
distorted. When record-
ing over a previous
recording, the old
recording can still be
heard underneath.
Incorrect operation can be mistaken for trouble or malfunction. If you think that there is something wrong with this component, check the
points below. Sometimes the trouble may lie in another component. Investigate the other components and electrical appliances being used.
If the trouble cannot be rectified even after exercising the checks below, ask your nearest Pioneer authorized service station to carry out
repair work.
Likely Cause
Cooling fan vent is blocked.
The CD receiver has been set on top of soft cloth or
deep-pile rug, thus blocking the cooling vents.
Power plug is disconnected.
Not all connection cables are connected properly.
Unit is in demo mode.
Cassette deck or MD recorder is currently recording.
Disc has been inserted upside down.
Disc is dirty.
Disc has scratches.
Antenna isn’t connected.
Antenna direction or position is poor.
An electrical appliance (fluorescent lamp, hair
dryer, etc.), including the fluorescent display of this
system, is being used in the near vicinity.
The frequency interval is incorrectly set.
Monaural indicator is lit in the display.
Erasure-prevention tabs are broken out from the
tape cassette.
Heads are dirty.
A type IV (Metal) tape is being used.
Install so that the fan is not blocked.
Do not install the CD receiver on top of any
surface that may block the vents.
Connect the power plug correctly.
Refer to the section on connections and make
sure all connections are correct and secure.
To cancel the demo mode, press the power switch
on either of the CD receiver, display unit, or
remote control unit while the demo mode is
You cannot change the function during
Load discs with label side (printed surface)
Clean the disc.
Use another disc.
Connect antennas properly.
Orient antenna to the proper direction and
Discontinue use of the appliance producing the
noise, or move it farther away from the antenna.
Adjust the tuning frequency interval correctly
Use the MENU button to select “FM AUTO”
Either replace the tape, or place cellophane tape
over the erasure-prevention tabs (p.7).
Clean the heads (p.68).
Use either a type I (Normal), or Type II (Cr02)