Arkon CDA-118M CD Player User Manual

The main unit must be mounted within 30 degrees of the horizontal
plane, back to front.
Stick the Installation Template to a chosen mounting
location, and drill holes according to the Installation
Template’s indication.
Open the front panel, and install the unit as show
For the screw marked “*
”, use an appropriate screw for the chosen
mounting location.
iPhone/iPod Connection (sold separately)
Connect USB cable to an iPhone/iPod with Interface cable for
Remove the iPhone/iPod
Remove the iPhone/iPod from Interface cable for iPod.
Remove the iPhone/iPod after the unit has been changed to a source
other than the iPhone/iPod. If the iPhone/iPod is removed while
playing, data may be lost.
If sound is not output or the iPhone/iPod is not recognized even when
the iPhone/iPod is connected, remove the iPhone/iPod once, then
connect it again, or reset the iPod.
Do not leave the iPhone/iPod in a boat for a long time. Heat and
humidity may damage the iPhone/iPod and you may not be able to
play it again.
USB memory Connection (sold separately)
Connect USB memory
Connect the USB cable to the USB connector of the unit, and
then secure the connection using the lock case supplied with
USB cable as shown below.
Remove USB memory
Pull out USB memory squarely from the USB cable.
When removing USB memory, pull it out straight.
If sound is not output or USB memory is not recognized even when
USB memory is connected, remove USB memory once, then connect
it again.
Change to a source other than the USB memory mode, then remove
the USB memory. If the USB memory is removed in the USB memory
mode, data may be damaged.
Route the USB cable away from other cables.
Do not block the unit’s heat sink, thus preventing air circulation.
If blocked, heat will accumulate inside the unit and may cause a
Reinforce the head unit with the support strap.
Secure the ground to a wire attached directly to the
boat’s negative battery terminal.
Connect each input lead coming from an amplifier or
equalizer to the corresponding output lead coming
from the left rear of the CDA-118M. Connect all other
leads of the CDA-118M according to details
described in the CONNECTlONS section.
Close the front panel.
Heat sink
Less than 30°
This unit
Mounting location in boat’s
Hex Bolt
Front Frame
Ground Lead
Screws (M4X30)
Support Strap
Rubber Cap
Interface cable for iPod (supplied)
USB cable
lock case
This unit
USB memory
(sold separately)
USB connector
Cable (supplied)
This unit
USB connector
USB memory
(sold separately)
Cable (supplied)