Arkon CDA-118M CD Player User Manual

Adjusting the volume when receiving a
During a call, the voice level is adjustable. This adjusted volume is
stored for future calls.
Turn the Rotary encoder to adjust the volume.
When adjusting the call volume be aware that increasing the volume
excessively may result in feedback. If feedback is noticed during the
phone conversation, turn down the volume as low as possible until
the feedback is eliminated or at an acceptable level. Positioning the
microphone away from the main boat speakers may also reduce
feedback at higher volumes.
Redial Function
You can redial the person you have previously called.
After finishing a call, press FUNC./SETUP within 5
The telephone is redialed.
Audio Switching Operation
While making a call, this function allows you to initiate the transfer of
the audio between the mobile phone and speakers.
While calling, press and hold /ENTER for at least 2
seconds to switch the call sound between the speakers
and mobile phone.
Depending on the mobile phone, this operation may not be
Call History
Call History is recorded for the last dialed/received/missed calls. There
are various ways of making calls based on the “Call History.” The
following steps 1 to 3 are common to the various ways of making these
calls. The following step 4 to step 6 is invalid to the VOICE DIAL
function. For details, refer to each individual category for making calls.
Turn the Rotary encoder to select the HFT, and
then press
The outgoing method list is displayed.
Turn the Rotary encoder to select the outgoing
In the BT AUDIO mode, VOICE DIAL will not be displayed.
The adapter will update the information in the Call History
automatically each time a mobile phone is connected or receiving/
dialing a call. At this time, if you select any outgoing mode,
“UPDATING” will be displayed.
Press /ENTER.
The outgoing mode is activated, and each mode list is
It may take some time for the list to be displayed, and also directly
after connection, the list may not be brought up to date.
Turn the Rotary encoder to select a name or a
telephone number from the list.
Press /ENTER.
The selected telephone will be called.
If one name has several numbers registered in the
telephone book, press
/ENTER after selecting the
, then turn the Rotary encoder to choose the desired
number and press
/ENTER, the telephone will be called.
Press and hold /ENTER for at least 2 seconds after
selecting the name, the default number of the name will be
called. Depending on the connected mobile phone, this
function may not be performed.
If the name cannot be recognized, default number will be displayed.
If you place a call directly from the paired mobile phone, the phone
number is not displayed, you cannot redial from the unit in this case.
Previously dialed telephone numbers are stored in dialed calls history.
You can redial a number by searching from dialed calls history.
Setting item: DIALED
Telephone numbers from received calls are stored in the received calls
history. You can redial these numbers by searching here.
Setting item: RECEIVED
Telephone numbers for received calls that are missed are stored in the
missed calls history. You can redial these numbers by searching here.
Setting item: MISSED
DIALED : Dialed history
RECEIVED : Received history
MISSED : Missed incoming history
PHONE BOOK : Mobile phonebook
VOICE DIAL : Voice dial operation
Redialing a Number in Dialed Calls History
Dialing a Number in Received Calls History
Dialing a Number in Missed Calls History