Arkon CDA-118M CD Player User Manual

Receiving Channels with the SAT Radio
Receiver (Optional)
About SAT Radio
Satellite Radio* is the next generation of audio entertainment, with over
100 digital audio channels. For a small monthly fee, subscribers can
hear crystal-clear music, sports, news and talk, coast-to-coast via
satellite. For more information, visit XM’s website at, or SIRIUS’ website at
To receive SAT Radio, the separately sold XM Direct™ or SIRIUS
Satellite Radio Tuner and an appropriate Ai-NET Interface Adapter will
be required. For details, consult you nearest Alpine dealer.
* XM and its corresponding logos are trademarks of XM Satellite
Radio Inc.
* SIRIUS and its corresponding logos are trademarks of SIRIUS
Satellite Radio Inc.
The SAT Receiver controls on this unit are operative only when a SAT
Receiver is connected.
Press SAT to activate the SAT Radio mode.
Press or to select the desired channel.
Holding down or will change channels
When using the optional remote control (RUE-4190, etc.), an SAT
Radio Channel can be directly called up with the numeric keypad of
the remote control.
1 While in XM or SIRIUS Radio mode, enter the Channel
number you want to call up with the numeric keypad on
the remote control.
2 Press ENTER on the remote control within 5 seconds to
receive the channel.
Checking the SAT Radio ID Number
A unique Radio ID number is required to subscribe to SAT Radio
programming. Each third party XM or SIRIUS radio comes with this number.
This number is an 8 character (for XM Radio) or 12 character (for
SIRIUS Radio) alphanumeric number. It is printed on a label found on
the SAT Receiver.
It can also be displayed on the screen of this unit in the following way.
While receiving a XM Radio band, press or
to select channel “0” for XM.
The unit displays “RADIO ID” and ID number
While displaying "RADIO ID" as shown above,
Demonstration become nonfunctional (refer to
“Demonstration” on page 25).
To cancel the ID number display, select the channel
other than “0”.
While receiving a SIRIUS Radio band, press or
to select channel “255” or “0” for SIRIUS.
Press VIEW until the ID No. appears in the display.
The SIRIUS ID is displayed when the Song Name display
mode is toggled. For details, refer to
“Changing the
Display” (page 12).
To cancel the ID number display, set the channel to
other than “255” and “0”.
You can check the ID number printed on a label on your third party,
SAT Radio Receiver package.
Storing Channel Presets
Press and hold PRESET for at least 2 seconds.
The Preset screen is displayed.
Turn the Rotary encoder to select the preset
Press and hold /ENTER for at least 2 seconds.
The selected channel is stored.
A total of 18 channels can be stored in the preset memory for either
If you store a channel in a preset memory which already has a
station, the current channel will be cleared and replaced with the
new one.
SAT Radio Receiver
SAT Receiver: XM or SIRIUS Receiver
When an optional XM or SIRIUS Receiver Box is
connected via the Ai-NET bus, the following
operations may be performed. However, the XM
Receiver and SIRIUS Receiver cannot be
connected at the same time.
SIRIUS Receiver: Verify the features of the connected SIRIUS
Receiver Box. Not all SIRIUS Receivers have
identical functions and some may not be
performed on this unit. For details about individual
functions, refer to the SIRIUS Receiver’s Owner’s
Rotary encoder